Even if you have a stable job, there are times when you need to supplement your income to cover all of your expenses. That’s why the best thing you could do is to find some side gigs to earn money only working part-time!

But often people don’t have an idea of what kind of job would allow them the flexibility to set their own schedule. To show you some real-life examples in different areas, we hired Minuca Elena to reach to 28 professionals that have tried all sorts of gis, side hustles and, of course, app jobs.

We asked them the following question:

What are the part-time jobs (offline or online) that anyone can do when they need an extra income?

We received very diverse answers. Some are regular jobs that require you to go to some location, while others can be done from the comfort of your home. One thing that all these jobs have in common is that you don’t need any technical training or special skills to start working. So, let’s get into it!

Tom Fraser – Voices.com

Part-time jobs

Voice acting is a little-known job, but it can be a lucrative side gig, online hustle, part-time or full-time job.

Advances in technology have meant that microphones, recording software, and headphones can all be purchased at a reasonable price to create a home studio and kick-start your voice acting career.

This has also made auditioning for jobs simple. Instead of finding a local studio, recording a demo, sending in a hard copy, and waiting for a response, auditioning can be done instantaneously from home for clients around the world.

Platforms like Voices.com offer memberships and have over 5,000 jobs posted a month.

As a voice actor, you could be voicing TV or radio commercials for the world’s biggest brands, teaching people through e-learning modules, entertaining audiences as a character in an animation or video game, and so much more.

You don’t need to be a professional to start working. Some voice talents are doctors while others are stay-at-home-moms.

Many of them, however, begin their voice acting careers as a way to supplement their income, then make it their full-time job to dedicate more time to auditioning and building a client list. This resource will help you with everything you need to know about becoming a successful voice actor.

Shawna Murph – Rover

Part-time dog walking jobs

When I was looking to earn some extra income, I decided to turn to Rover.com to become a dog-walker and pet-sitter.

Rover is based in Seattle, but it is the nation’s largest network of pet-sitters and dog-walkers and you can do it just about anywhere. There are so many things that make being a dog-walker and pet-sitter rewarding.

I’m amazed that there is a job out there that allows me to shower animals with love and get paid for doing it. As such, I’m able to incorporate my love for dog-sitting into my busy life to supplement our family’s income.

And the great thing is that it’s totally possible to do this as a single person, a college student, an elderly person, a stay at home mother, or a working mom with a disabled husband like myself.

The initial screening to be a walker-sitter is easy, yet thorough, and the income potential is surprising. In a typical month, I can make as much as $1,000.

People who have the time and ability to watch multiple pets can make even more.

Beyond the monetary rewards, there’s a fulfilling aspect; in that people like myself get to enjoy being the loving step-family for furry family members that typically don’t do well in kennels.

It’s satisfying to know the pups will be an extension of your family’s life while their owners are away.

Kate Hart – Fantastic Removals

Part-time jobs online

You can earn money part-time as a removalist. To get involved in the moving niche can fit anybody looking for an opportunity to earn a bit of an extra income.

There’s a high demand for relocation services during the warmer months but also many people change home and move during the colder seasons as well. This is what makes it an evergreen service that can provide both long-term and short-term employment.

Contacting professional moving companies аnd applying for a job as a mover often leads to getting employed in a few weeks if the service supplier is short on employees.

If moving teams already cover their schedule, it doesn’t mean that your application will be rejected. There are spikes in the demand for moving companies during the summer and at the end of each month in general.

Sometimes, this leads us to do job cancellations because as a moving company, we don’t have enough people on the ground to actually carry the moving service.

That’s why we’ll often open such part-time opportunities during the peak season and students are the ones that claim these gigs most of the time. Depending on their free time, we make schedules to fit.

If you’re looking for a part-time job, this is the time of the year when most certainly a moving company would contact you to help move a few sofas, wardrobes, etc.

Here are a few advantages of working as a part-time mover:

  • Decent hourly rates;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • The job doesn’t require any special qualifications;
  • You don’t need a degree for it;
  • There’s an option for switching to full-time employment;
  • You can later start your own moving business;
  • There’s a chance of earning an extra income from tips.

As you can see, there’s plenty of reasons to consider a gig as a part-time mover, especially if you’re living in the UK or the US where business is well-established and demand is high.

Harry Campbell – The Rideshare Guy

Part-time driving jobs

So, driving with Uber and Lyft is definitely a great idea because there’s a low barrier to entry and you can work for just a few days, weeks or months and then never again.

But there are other app jobs in the gig economy that pay well like delivering weed with Eaze and charging scooters with Bird.

And with the holidays coming up, I highly recommend Amazon Flex as delivering packages really picks up during the holidays so they are hiring lots of people and paying well.

Greg Shepard – Emily’s Maids

Part-time house cleaning jobs

A house cleaning side business is wonderful for women or men wanting to mop up extra money. First, advertising is easy, second, a cleaning service is super scalable, and finally it doesn’t take a lot of dollars to start.

1. Advertising

Business Cards – Printing out 20,000 business cards and passing them out at apartment complexes is cheap. If you pass out cards during your available time, carrying your company cell phone, you’ll be able to fill up your schedule fairly quickly.

Just remember it’s a numbers game: For every apartment complex of 800 units, expect 2 or 3 jobs. One job immediately, another job a day or two later, and finally the third job within 2 weeks.

Online – Create a website, Facebook, google my business page, and link all three together with backlinks. If you can get ranked on the first page, then expect an order of magnitude and more business. Learn SEO basics.

Referrals – Stick in there because the bigger you grow, the more referrals you’ll receive. The best advertising is for free.

2. Scalable

House cleaning is easily scalable.

When (not if, IF you follow my advertising advice above) you have more business than you can handle, write an easy to understand cleaning-guide and start hiring people to clean! the bigger you grow, the more money you make.

That’s how I made my first million.

3. Cheap To Start

To start all you need is a vacuum, business cards, a dedicated cell phone, and some cleaning supplies. House cleaning along with any similar dull job (window cleaning, painting, lawn care, etc) is easy to break in and immediately make money.

And, more importantly, it has the potential to grow into a real business. Quitting your day job for your own business is one of the most liberating things you will experience.

Martha Barrett – Variety Cleaning

Part-time cleaning jobs

A really simple, profitable and flexible part-time job is to help people with domestic and household chores. However, cleaning companies like us rarely publish offers specifically for this.

That’s why my best advice would be to simply contact a company or few and see if they can work with the free time and schedule that you have.

One way to find whom to contact would be to simply Google for the companies in your area or visit one of the many job boards. Depending on where you live, forums could also work great.

For us this is London and here we have quite a few of those where we often look for cleaners to help our team with part-time availability. You could work with one or a couple of companies and only get the gigs that fit your schedule and free time.

When it comes to the job itself, to clean a two bedroom apartment along the bathroom and kitchen could take the average person anywhere between 4 and 6 hours if you leave distraction and procrastination aside and that’s why many people would rather hire a professional company and use a dedicated maid or cleaner.

The job itself does not require any specific certifications, just a bit of training so you get the basic know-how of standards for domestic cleaning. From there on, it’s all about being conscientious and having attention to detail.

Especially in busy neighborhoods, properties gather a lot of dirt and people need this on a regular basis which makes it the perfect part-time job. However, to properly clean an apartment is neither as easy nor simple as many would initially assume.

Although cleaning is a seemingly ubiquitous job, to miss one single dirt mark or even worse, to leave a bathroom dirty will most-likely cost you both the job and client.
That’s why we always make sure to fully-train and instruct each and all people we take as part-time household cleaners. As with any other trade, professional cleaning has to be up to good standards.

Christina Erickson – Travel Maven Mama

Part-time secret shopping jobs

When I got my first full-time job out of college, to help defray expenses and offset my entry-level salary I did a fair amount of mystery shopping. This is something anyone with nominally good writing skills can do.

Businesses pay ordinary people to shop in various industries (restaurants, stores, professional services) anonymously and write a report based on their experience.

The best part about it? It’s a job that pays for you to eat out, to shop, to be entertained – and sometimes even pays you on top of your reimbursement for these activities. It’s not typical 9-5 hours, so it’s easy to fit into an already busy schedule.

I worked with hundreds of different mystery shopping companies, and thoroughly enjoyed the variety of experiences I had.

Eva Wintersberger – Tree Hut Village

Part-time freelance jobs

We all know how expensive baby gear can be and most of it is used only occasionally or for a very short time.

When I had my first baby, I thought that everyone should be able to make money from their baby gear whilst being at home with their little ones. This was one of the main reasons why I created my website Tree Hut Village.

It takes around 2 minutes for parents to list their items for free and then anyone can book them just like you would book a hotel room. You receive a request and can then decide to approve or decline it.

You can set your own prices (but initially an algorithm created to optimize you getting those first bookings helps you set the prices) and you can request a bond to cover any accidental damage.

Money gets automatically transferred to your nominated bank account. Both parties leave a review to help others choose your item next time. Users can even leave a review of the stroller afterward to help others make a decision about which model/brand might work best for them.

I have rented out my 4 baby items and made $5,500 from them in a year which paid off how much I spent on all my baby gear.

Over 5,000 parents have joined the platform to date since its launch in 2017 and over 1,000 bookings have been made by parents.

Trish McDermott – BabyQuip

Part-time freelance jobs

Many people turn to the gig economy to make a little extra money-but not all gigs are the same. Some pay a lot more when you look at the work on an hourly basis, and some are just a lot more fun. And some even allow you to build your own business, acquire marketing skills, and partner with a friend or spouse.

We launch new baby gear rental entrepreneurs on our platform every day, build their websites for them and train them about baby gear safety and cleanliness, and how to do local marketing, social media marketing, public relations, etc.

We are now delivering cribs, car seats, toys, strollers and much more in more than 300 markets in the US and Canada.

Side-hustles that involve renting gear often provide good earning opportunities, as you make money every day your gear is out, but only have to work during the delivery, pick up and cleaning part of the order.

The work is fun too, as parents are super happy to see you show up at their hotel or Airbnb with a pile of gear they would have otherwise had to lug through the airport. You delight kids with toy packages too.

Laura Spawn – Virtual Vocations, Inc

Part-time content writing jobs

The impact of the gig economy is undeniable, and telecommuting has made it much easier to earn extra income while simultaneously working a full-time job. There are some tried-and-true flexible, online jobs allowing full-time professionals to moonlight effectively, some requiring absolutely no previous experience.

Workers who enjoy using their computers can find home-based jobs as web search raters, forum moderators, or social media evaluators, where the only skills needed are access to a reliable Internet connection and familiarity with the Internet or social media platforms.

Full-time professionals with strong writing and grammar skills can moonlight as content writers, bloggers, proofreaders, and manuscript reviewers. If job seekers have specific skill sets or subject matter expertise, as with graduate students or educators, positions for virtual tutors and lesson reviewers are ideal for supplementing incomes during the school year or over the summer holiday.

The best course of action for jobseekers is to find roles that match their availability, skill sets, interests, and experience levels so they can truly enjoy working those extra hours in addition to their full-time jobs

Mercedes Eckert – iShop

Part-time mystery shopping jobs

There are millions of Americans who are looking to bring in extra income in addition to their full-time jobs. Whether it be babysitting, cleaning, Ubering, etc, people want something flexible.

Mystery shopping is a billion dollar industry that has managed to stay out of the limelight and remain secretive. Many think it’s a scam, but that is not so.

Mystery shopping is an excellent way to make money by doing things you already do: getting your car oil changed, grocery shopping, going to the movies, making phone calls, opening a bank account, going to dinner, etc.

Mystery shopping completely flexible and can be done around your 9-5 work schedule.

Here at iShop, we teach people how to mystery shop and bring in hundreds of dollars every week – all while balancing a work life, kids, and a spouse!

Jennifer – Smarty Pants Finance

Part-time jobs

Mystery shopping is a LEGITIMATE way to supplement income but, even better, mystery shopping can be used to take the place of spending.

Movie tickets for an evening out? I never pay for those because I get a mystery shopping assignment instead. Vacations? I don’t pay for that either! I mystery shop hotels all over the world and make money while on vacation.

Just this week, I had an assignment to order take-out dinner using an app on my phone.

Mystery shopping allows people to still live a nice life while cutting back hard on their spending. I’ve been mystery shopping for 15 years.

On a small budget, I have used this side-hustle to live a large life.

Veronica – Vacay Visionary

Part-time jobs

I teach homeowners to leverage their existing homes into cash flow.

Homeowners can convert their homes into a part-time vacation rental home. Travelers pay to rent their home, and they get a paid vacation.

In my first year as a Homeowner Hustler, I generated a $41,331 income stream. Any homeowner can start this side hustle and create income.

Melinda Jensen – Go Share

Part-time truck driving jobs

GoShare connects pickup truck, cargo van, and box truck owners to local businesses and individuals needing on-demand assistance moving or delivering large, bulky items. It’s a little like Uber, but for trucks.

90% of our drivers report to us that they use GoShare as their side hustle, to supplement income from their main business or job.

They are attracted to GoShare because of our commitment to paying fair wages, much higher than the average gig economy job.

Delivery Pros end up earning $47 – $72 an hour on the platform.

Sireesha Narumanchi – Crowd Work News

Part-time online jobs

It’s surprising to know that you can do many side hustles or side jobs while you work full-time, this is still unknown to many.

Online Tutoring
This is probably the most famous job among side hustlers. You don’t need a higher qualification to do this, you can simply teach conversational English to foreign students. This is the perfect side job for students.

Tour Guide
This is a lesser known but very flexible side job that anyone can do. You just need to know your city quite well. Just register with websites like Vayable and start exploring your city while you earn money. Bonus points if you are a travel junkie!

Online Stylist
Having a great fashion was never this lucrative! If you want to use your impeccable fashion sense and make money, then you should become an online stylist. This online job is pretty flexible and can be done completely online.

Gene Caballero – GreenPal

Part-time gardener jobs

Mowing lawn can be very lucrative to earn a side income. Lawn care pros can earn up to $30-$40 per hour by cutting grass and all of this can be done in the evening, or even just on the weekends.

Before my corporate career and before starting GreenPal, I mowed lawns to pay for college and I made over $20k per summer.

Alan LaFrance – Lawn Starter

Part-time gardening jobs

Many people have found success working with Lawnstarter.com — our platform makes it simple to get started in lawn care.

All you need is a lawn mower, trimmer, leaf blower, and a reliable way to get to jobs.
We’ll provide you with recurring jobs that fit your criteria, and you’ll provide the on-time quality service you’d expect if it were your own home.

Best of all, you’ll get paid weekly for your jobs!

Stewart – The Best Carpet Cleaning Guide

Part-time jobs

The one part-time job I would totally recommend to anybody is to learn good writing to blog your way to success, especially if you blog about something you’re fond of and enjoy.

Although something the work you’ll do will be part-time, you will have to learn the basics, what can take a considerable amount of time. If you already have that, you can easily do it whenever you have the time to do so.

Personally, after a chit chat with a friend of mine, I knew I was going to start, run and grow the Best Carpet Cleaning Guide as a side gig that I can do only when I want to and whenever I have the time to do so, and I just did it.

Back in 2012 I didn’t really have many expectations for income but nowadays I’m really happy I’m doing this. Many people think it’s rocket science but the truth is: To run a blog of your own is simple and you can do it whenever you want.

If you’re a newcomer you will have to catch up with a bit of basics, but then it’s mostly about being able to blog about something that makes you happy.

After that you will have to learn how to make your writing truly compelling so it resonates with your audience. But just like everything in life, it often comes down to practice, effort and passion.

There are many ways in which you can earn money from using your site: affiliate marketing, Adsense, selling courses, training and online coaching or using the site to promote digital services, like content writing, web design, SEO etc.

Nowadays running a website can be the best thing you could do as a part-time job.

Ben Taylor – Home Working Club

Part-time micro jobs

The wonderful thing about the modern gig economy is that there are so many different ways people can add to their income, regardless of their specific skills and interests.

It also doesn’t matter exactly when they’re available to do extra work either, as many of these gigs are highly flexible.

Many of these jobs are in the online world. People can do “micro jobs” using platforms like Clickworker or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to test apps and websites, use secretarial skills to do transcription work, or language abilities to do translations.

There are online part-time activities for creative types too. Various platforms exist where people can upload designs to have them printed on anything from T-shirts to shower curtains.

Designers can make money from creating logos and book covers, and photographers can upload pictures to sell on stock photo sites.

Even those who have no desire to spend time on a computer have plenty of options. Drivers can make money from everything like Uber to Deliveroo, and platforms like TaskRabbit put freelance workers in contact with people with a requirement for odd jobs.

Then there’s the increasing number of side gigs that make use of apps. People can make money from everything as photographing shop displays and job adverts to scanning receipts.

Emily Endara – Sifted

Part-time graphic design jobs

I am a graphic designer and a couple of odd jobs that I have done in the past were working as a background extra in movies and driving for a catering company.

Being a background extra is super easy and pays a decent amount, but the hours are unpredictable and lengthy.

I also worked at a catering company called Sifted that only served lunch which worked really well with my schedule and paid very well. The job also had an extra perk of free food.

Ashleigh Allman – Smart Cents Mom

Part-time online teaching jobs

I have made extra money teaching English as a second language online. It was a great job that I could do first thing in the morning for a couple hours before my kids woke up.

Most of the companies that hire English speaking teachers provide you with all the lesson plans, so it’s easy to combine with other responsibilities. There is no time spent planning or grading work.

The classes are taught online through a program similar to Skype. This job was flexible and could be worked around my schedule.

I have had several side jobs as a freelance writer, search engine evaluator, preschool teacher, and user testing for apps and websites. Now I make money writing about ways to work from home!

Deborah Rogers – The Gifted Rat

Part-time jobs

I’m 49. I have a small e-commerce website and sell on Etsy. I sell miniature plush teddy bears and furry prank rats with adoption certificates.

I started in November 2017, but made zero sales in 2017. So I reshot photos, added more bears and noticed that more people were interested in the bears than the rats (original idea).

I now make about $500 USD a month. I tried google ads to direct people to the e-commerce site and made one sale from $250 in ad spend. Then I stopped ads and decided to rely exclusively on SEO and people shopping Etsy. Then I buy small amounts of products via Aliexpress to test what sells.

The most technical skill is deciding what words to use as the product title so it appears in search results.

Melissa Smith – The PVA

Part-time virtual assistant jobs

Virtual Assistant
Being a VA is not a one-size fits all. You can do a number of things on a part-time basis as a VA. A few options are blogging, newsletter creation, content writing, graphic design, web design, and social media.

When working as a VA on a part-time basis, especially if you already have a full-time job, the most important thing to remember is NOT to work on an hourly basis. You’ll never get ahead this way and you’ll work yourself to death.

Instead, create flat fees so that you are getting paid for the value of your work not the number of hours you are putting in.

If you are already an administrative or executive assistant you might wonder how much could really be made or how the work of a VA is actually part-time. Well, the VA is like a cousin to the EA. You actually get paid more for doing less.

Clients don’t typically need full-time help and instead are looking for a virtual assistant to do very specific work. I’ve worked with many VAs who are both part-time and full-time to create services that not only bring in more money but also allow for freedom and flexibility.

Speaker Research
Whether or not you identify as being a virtual assistant becoming a researcher for clients who want to speak for a living is a growing field. There is a large number of people who want to speak.

However, the research to find qualified speaking gigs is the client’s biggest hurdle and they will gladly pay for someone else, anyone else, to do it. It’s a great way to make an extra income.

While there is an investment to be made to learn how to conduct the research and know how to serve these clients, the money invested is quickly recouped and there is a pipeline of steady clients. Some speaker researchers are making $1500 for giving the client 100 qualified leads.

Using this model you could easily charge $15 a qualified lead and provide less or more leads depending on what the client can afford. Plus, if you do have more time and the desire, then you could earn additional income from acting as the client’s speaker liaison and earn commissions from each speaking gig secured.

Sean Pour – Sell Max

Part-time freelance jobs

All throughout college, I did tons of odd jobs, so I consider myself a bit of an expert in this field. Here are a couple of odd jobs that pretty much anyone can do or learn to do. As a side note people interested in getting started should surely check out upwork.com, in my opinion, it is by far the superior freelance platform.

User experience tester
Website owners would point me to their website and I would test the website. I would send in a contact form and give them advice on the call to actions. Essentially, they would use my advice and that of others to make their website convert better. These jobs are prevalent on freelance websites.

Freelance Writer
I worked as a freelance writer. In this position, I would make posts for the company blog. It was a good gig because they allowed me to work at my own leisure. Additionally, writing can be quite relaxing.

I was studying programming in college. So, on upwork.com I was able to get hired for a couple of programming gigs, which eventually led me into my full-time position at sellmax.com. It started with small jobs, but once they got to know me they offered me a full-time position which I took.

Customer Support
In college, I would often work as a freelance chat support agent. So, companies would bring me on to answer customer questions on the website. I worked for attorneys, eCommerce websites.

Richard Lowe Jr – The Writing King

Part-time virtual assistant jobs

One of my favorite ways to make money when you need income is to become a virtual assistant. Basically, this consists of offering to do miscellaneous services such as researching online, filling out forms, filling in spreadsheets and so on.

You can promote your VA business on Facebook and Fiverr and other, similar sites. Generally, you can charge $20 to $25 an hour for services.

The International Virtual Assistants Association is a great place to start for more info.

Jason Patel – Transizion

Part-time content writing jobs

I have a side job content writing for well-known college and career publications. This is an entirely feasible operation for full-time workers because writing can be done on weeknights or weekends. What does a prospective guest writer need to do?

Start by searching on Google industries that are in your expertise (hobbyist art, robotics, building miniature trains, etc.) and find the largest outlets.

Scour the website for their communications/blog/content managers and send them a friendly email. The email should introduce your qualifications, past achievements in the field (no matter how minor), and years of experience.

Then, offer to write a piece for free in exchange for an honest consideration as to whether they can hire you on a part-time basis.

This is all a numbers game. You need to reach out to as many outlets as possible. Works like a charm!

Drew DuBoff

Part-time jobs

I work as a virtual assistant and it has been an absolutely amazing experience. I am able to take in an additional $1,000 per month with just 1.5 hours per day.

This can be done at any time of the day and comes with flexible hours. For anyone getting started, I recommend negotiating a fixed salary, not hourly, so you can better budget for the money you make.

You can look for jobs on boards, but I found my job through networking. Many people you know might have a need for your skills. I do a lot of customer service work for my bosses that includes email and community management.

Being a virtual assistant is a great way to supplement your income and there are few barriers to entry.

Sotiris Sotiriadis – Realistic SEO

Part-time freelance jobs

Working as a Freelance SEO online was one of my first jobs. I started when I was in university doing my business and marketing course.

I tried to learn SEO from an online platform called Lynda which offered good but basic SEO training. The platform that I used to start working as an SEO freelancer is Upwork.

I researched what people offered as services and quickly came up with some ideas. I was getting paid $12 per hour when I first started!

SEO has a lot of small tasks that can be learned easily especially when you are good at English. I recommend studying a few courses to anyone starting out.

Some simple tasks that you could do are making contact lists with sites available to guest posts, edit content on WordPress and others. Off course there are more advanced tasks that you can learn over time!

If you know English well and you are good at research you can also find a job as a VA.

Peter Koch – Seller At Heart

Part-time jobs

I’ve been selling my own private label products on Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) for about five years now. I buy cheap, generic products on Alibaba, put my own sticker (brand) on the packaging and ship my items to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Amazon stores my products and when they are sold, Amazon takes care of picking, packing and shipping them for me to the customers.

Most people are unaware that a significant percentage of the stuff sold in Amazon comes from third-party sellers like me. By the way, Amazon has its own private label “Amazon Basics”.

I have my own website but sales are negligible compared to Amazon. Customers trust Amazon and it has a huge customer base. I get access to millions of buyers for the low price of $39.99 per month.

It seems easy and it is but you need a reasonable sum of capital to get started.

That’s all!

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to this expert roundup! If you are searching for a way of making some extra money, check out all the available opportunities in your city on Appjobs.com to make easy money on your own schedule.