Summer is a fantastic time for people looking for a side hustle or a part-time job! Why? Just think about it!

  • Kids sitting at home because they’re on holidays, but their parents still need to work
  • People going away on trips but there’s no one to look for their pets in the meantime
  • More events happening than any other time of the year, needing work to be done around them.
  • Summer is a good time for renovating and construction work, and a lot of people choose to do repairments around the house then

You can also benefit from those things during summertime – follow the ideas and tips below to learn more about how to make extra money this summer while also supporting your local community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student looking for a summer job, or you’re just looking for a way to earn some extra money along with your full-time job – we’re sure that you can find a perfect flexible summer job!

Get a flexible summer job in your city!


The school is closed in summer, but most parents still go to work as usual. That means a lot of earning opportunities for babysitters! As a babysitter, you not only earn some extra money on the side, but you also get to help out fellow families in your neighbourhood.

If you’re interested in babysitting for a summer job, here are some tips on how to succeed as a babysitter:

  • Make sure that you advertise yourself properly – prepare a friendly, comprehensive description and a good quality photo. If possible think of references, and check offers within your community and in your neighbourhood.

  • Get a good understanding of your responsibilities – once you’re about to start working, make sure you have a clear picture of what the parents need from you, so that you and the family are on the same page. That’s something to keep in mind especially since the summer babysitting job are often Monday to Friday, which is a lot of time you’re going to spend with the child

  • Keep your babysitting eventful – summer babysitting gigs are different than the ones during a school year – with no school and homework to do, children will need something else to focus on. Try to make sure that you have something unique planned for every day, or once every other day. This could be colouring, going outside, doing artwork etc.

  • Be dependable and always be on time

Protip: make sure to stay in touch with the family after the summer! Throughout the school year they might need occasional babysitting, and if your babysitting gig goes well they might recommend you to other families as well.

In case you’ll need to do a video interview for a position, make sure you’re well prepared for it

If that sounds like something for you, check out positions with Sitter. Sitter is available in many cities throughout the US. If you also like to drive, have a car and a driver’s licence, then Zum might be perfect for you! With Zum, you get to not only work as a babysitter, but you also earn money by driving the children from your neighbourhood.

Working at local events

Flexible summer jobs - working at events

This applies especially to you if you live in an area that has a lot of events or festivals happening in the summertime. Working at the events could be a really cool flexible summer job – not only you get to make some extra money, but you also get to see how those events look like from behind the scenes. If you think that working with events is a summer job you’ve been looking for, then TaskRabbit is going to be your friend. TaskRabbit* is a platform that connects people looking for one time jobs and gigs with people and companies who have projects or errands to complete.

With TaskRabbit you can work with preparing the events – such as cleaning after the event, or decorating the venue. You can also look for staffing roles – that could be various tasks like mixing drinks, waiting tables, working at the grill and many more. Another way to make money is to help out people attending the festivities, such as waiting in lines in their place. Offers can vary, so keep an eye on TaskRabbit in your area and make your pick!

Get a flexible summer job in your city!

Find out more about how to earn with TaskRabbit

Pet sitting

Flexible Summer Jobs - Petsitting

Summer is a very popular time for taking holiday trips, which means that many pet-owners will find themselves with a problem of what to do with their four-legged family member. Luckily for you, the pet-sitting industry is growing, which means that pet-owners don’t need to rely as much on their friends and family who might be unwilling or untrained to take care of a pet. Instead, people like you can step in and become a pet-sitter! If you want to earn some extra as a pet-sitter this summer, here as some things to keep in mind:

  • References – have you petsitted before, or maybe you have experience with taking care of a pet in your family? Having a good reference can help you land that pet-sitting gig you’re looking for

  • You can start looking for jobs early – many travellers start booking their pet-sitters soon after they have booked their holidays. So don’t hesitate, and put out your add ASAP and let it do the job for you

  • Look into certifications – if you’re interested and have time on your hands, getting relevant certification could give you a big head start over other candidates. This could be anything like getting a professional pet-sitter training or attending a course from pet first aid.

If you live in the US, check out Rover!

Look up professional petsitters and learn from their experiences!

Housework and gardening

Flexible summer job - house work

Summer is a good season for doing work around the house, and many people might be looking for an extra set of hands for that – and if you’re looking for a flexible summer job, then that could be great news for you. Handyman jobs is another set of tasks that you can find on TaskRabbit. In the summer season look out for jobs like helping out with renovating the house, painting, and even helping to assembly stuff like new furniture. Summer is also a season where gardens are blooming, and hot temperatures might discourage homeowners from doing gardening work. That could give you an opportunity for finding gardening related tasks as well, such as weeding or mowing the lawn.

TaskRabbit offers are available in many cities in the UK. Keep in mind that those jobs might often be on short notice, so it’s important for you reply very quickly to the offers you’re receiving in order to save yourself a spot.

Get a flexible summer job in your city!

Food delivery

Flexible summer jobs - delivery

With summer weather outside the window and hot temperatures that might discourage people from going outside, the need for delivery drivers in that time of the year often spikes up. Delivery jobs are available all year long, but in the summer many delivery companies are recruiting extra, making them a popular choice among college and high-school students.

If you’re looking for a flexible summer job and you like driving around your town, then delivery jobs could be perfect for you!

Find a flexible summer job that’s perfect for you

Summer is a great season for looking for a part-time job – with seasonal events happening and many opportunities opening up all you need to do is to take your pick and prepare for the work that interests you the most! If already have an eye on a summer job for yourself, find it in your city and start applying!