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Obtenir un permis de travail au Canada

Canada has been listed among the top ten countries for expats. The second biggest country in the world can offer quality life for people aiming to gain new experiences in the north. If you think you can handle the Canadian weather, why not settle down there for a while and become an expat/immigrant?

Apply for a working (holiday) visa and discover rural and urban areas like a local!

working permit canada

1 Types of Work Permits in Canada

This North Américain country is known for being welcoming, yet expats/immigrants have to jump over some bureaucratic hurdles to be able to move there. In general, they can apply for two types of work permits:

• open work permit (including the working holiday visa and post-graduate work permit program)
• employer-specific work permit

Authorities ask individuals aiming to work for Canadian companies to check the list of companies that are not eligible to accept foreign workers. Additionally, all work permits are temporary, so expats wish to stay have to renew/extend theirs. Everyone else has to leave the country when their work permit expires.

2 Being eligible for a work permit in Canada

Adventurous expats/immigrants must comply with the general requirements. Those who don’t fulfil the requirements are inadmissible, meaning they cannot enter the country. Nevertheless, we’re sure you will be able to apply for a working (holiday) visa.

The general requirements are the following:

• You have to prove that you will leave Canada when your work permit expires.

• You must have enough money to support yourself and your family members while in Canada, and it’s enough to buy a ticket home.

• You must obey the law and your criminal record must be nettoyer. They may even ask you to give them a police clearance certificate.

• You must not be a danger to Canada’s security.

• You must be in good health, and you might have a medical exam.

• You must not plan to work for the employers with the status ‘ineligible’ listed above, and for an employer who offers striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages on a regular basis.

• You must give any other documents the officer ask you to prove that you can enter Canada.

working permit canada

3 Applying for a work permit in Canada

International graduates who have studied at a Canadian university may apply for a three-year open work permit. This means they are allowed to work for any Canadian employer in any industry. It is perfectly fine if they find the job after their permit has been issued. Expats (between 18 and 35) currently living outside Canada can apply for a working holiday visa.

The working holiday visa is for those who:

• do not have a job offer
• want to work for more than one employer in Canada
• want to work in more than one location in Canada
• want to earn more so they can travel in Canada

You’ll find more information about the process ici. Bear in mind that you must be a citizen of one of 34 countries that has a bilateral relationship with Canada as part of the International Experience Canada.

Providing that you have received your working holiday visa, you can start applying for jobs. Your CV probably needs to be adjusted to the Canadian standards and must contain your:

• contact information
• professional / career summary
• work experience
• education / professional development

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