Valentine’s Day is for lovers. And love is important not only in the romantic sense of it but also when it comes to what you do to earn a living or win some extra cash. Because when you do what you love you are usually good at it, you are not easily bored and you enjoy your every day!

But don’t get us wrong. We do not suggest to blindly follow your instincts. You should put some thought when choosing a job. There are three important factors you need to take into consideration, before committing to a “meaningful relationship” with any job!

3 things to think through before choosing the job you love

What is your passion?
What do you love to do and care about? If you haven’t figured it out yet, take notice of what you usually put energy into without much complaint. What kind of activities and jobs maintains your interest? It might be a hobby of yours that could be turned into a job or something you have skills and knowledge about.

What are your skills?
Passion should be combined with your skills. Take some time to write down what your current skills are and where they could lead you. In the case that you don’t have skills for a specific job you would love to do, you should invest some time in building them. Attend seminars or take up online courses, for example.

What does the market need?
Last but not least, when choosing a job you should also consider if it is going to pay the bills. Because if it doesn’t, you will most probably either hate it or quit it soon. You might even not have the chance to celebrate a single Valentine’s day together… So, make sure it will earn you enough to make ends meet (if you do it full time and is your sole source of income).

How can AppJobs help you find the job you love?

AppJobs can help you find a job you’ll love, that will be connected to your passions and that, in the long term, may turn into a job that will become a significant part of your life. After all, it is Valentine’s Day – let us be romantic about our jobs, not only our significant other!

So when you search a job via AppJobs, start from a category that clicks: for example, choose pet sitting if you love spending time with animals, local guiding if you love your city and like interacting with people, or online teaching if you are good at transmitting knowledge. Take some time to explore your possibilities, read through the descriptions we provide about the various apps and take note of the ones you feel are more close to you.

Here are some jobs to check out: Care or Sitter, Verbling or Lingoda, ElderCare, UrbanSitter or Bambino, Udemy or Preply, PetSitter, Rover.

The best part with the job opportunities you will find on AppJobs is that you can try them out under your own conditions without risking anything at all! You don’t have to commit or quit anything else you are doing, until you are sure about your decision. You don’t have a boss over your head, you have a flexible schedule and you can work whenever you are available. So you will actually have the chance to see how a job can turn out for you. You can even continue doing an app job on the side for as long as you want.

What is more, you can try out freelancing and become a digital nomad to live and work anywhere in the world! So if you would love to live and work in some tropical country to be perfectly happy, it is a dream you can make true! Jobs like IT, marketing, accounting, web development or virtual assistance that you can take up via platforms such as Codester, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Hubstaff Talent or TheONE, can help you realize the dream of a digital nomad life!

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