Easter can be a great time for taking a break and relaxing together with family and friends. However, the time before celebration may be more hectic for many people and they won’t have time to do some tasks. Combining it with special Easter opportunities, it may be a very good chance to earn extra money! If you belong to those who would like to take advantage of this year’s Easter period and earn some cash on the side we have some tips on how to earn extra money via AppJobs. And you will certainly end up collecting more than just eggs, following the AppJobs Easter bunny…

How to earn extra money before Easter?

1. Hide Easter eggs with TaskRabbit!

TaskRabbit is the ideal platform to join to find all kinds of tasks, from everyday, regular ones, like shopping, cooking, cleaning or delivery to more crazy ones, like attending a party on behalf of someone else, showing up at a workplace as an employee to show the company is busy (when most employees are enjoying an Easter vacation) and other crazy stuff, like, for example, in 2015, you could get paid for hiding eggs in Central Park in New York!

Don’t miss the opportunity to earn some extra money with unique gigs that come up only at Easter time! Download TaskRabbit on your smartphone, if you haven’t already, and look up for the available tasks you could take up just before or during Easter. You will end up with more money in your pocket and potentially with a funny story to tell about that Easter job you took back in 2019… Learn more on how to earn with TaskRabbit

Take a look at TaskRabbit in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol.

2. Visit the hen house and do some Easter shopping for busy people

Easter period can be very busy for people working in many sectors like retail, hospitality and more. They might be short on time to plan and make all the arrangements for their Easter gatherings and dinners. So here is our next tip to earn extra money this Easter: you could jump in as the hero Easter bunny that you are and help out by making and delivering Easter grocery shopping for extra busy people. You might even be asked to shop some presents, candy and the cutest chocolate bunnies and eggs! Just make sure you don’t deliver the eggs scrambled…

If you like the idea of grocery shopping and delivery you should take a look at Instacart, Shipt and Envoy, which is for helping specifically the elderly with their grocery shopping and other errands. You can download these platforms on your smartphone, accept grocery shopping requests nearby (all through your phone), go to a supermarket or other store, do the shopping requested and deliver to people’s homes. It is super simple and each platform will guide you with super easy steps all the way. You can also chat with your customers if, for example, you can’t find a specific product and want to let them know. Oh, and one last thing: though Easter bunnies are famous for their speed, make sure you have a suitable vehicle to deliver the groceries to your customers!

Check Instacart in the US: in Seattle, Boston, New York City, Milwaukee, in Canada: in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Shipt in Portland, Phoenix, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago and Envoy in San Diego, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, Seattle and many other cities!

how to earn extra money
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3. Do a Chocolate Bunny (or furniture) assembly

Chocolate Bunny assembly? Seriously? Yes! This year IKEA sells chocolate bunnies that require assembly and we find it a fun and brilliant idea! These bunnies are only three pieces, and chocolate bunnies fans will probably find this DIY easy, but, nevertheless, people tend to renew their homes during Spring and Easter time, so you might end up with lots of more advanced furniture assembly tasks!

With companies like TaskRabbit, AirTasker or TaskRunner you will land on plenty of relevant tasks and earn the extra money you need. And especially with TaskRabbit, that has cooperation with Ikea, when you take up furniture assembly, you charge flat rates per piece of furniture, so if you are good and quick about it, you will earn more in less time! Just keep in mind that some customers will expect you to bring your own tools.

Find out more about Airtasker, Australia’s most popular gig economy platform.

4. Be the leader of the eggs hunt and other goodies in your city!

Easter time is vacation time for many. Which means it can be the perfect time to do some local guiding. There will be too many tourists around, all eager to see the highlights of your city. You could show them around your favourite places, historical landmarks or even arrange off-the-beaten-path activities, like bar hopping, local restaurant tours or even participate in the local egg hunts and other Easter activities that are taking place where you live. Extra tip from us: use bunny’s ears instead of an umbrella for tourists to follow you around – it will be fun!

Even if you don’t have previous experience in local guiding, Easter time will be the perfect opportunity to try it out. Just take some time to think and create an interesting tour. With the platform WithLocals, for example, you can easily create a profile, upload a tour about anything (it could be a classic sightseeing tour, a workshop of some kind or you could even host meals), and make it available at least 3 days per week. You will earn between $10 to $40 per person that joins your tour and you are in control of the details, like how many people will attend and which days and times you will offer your tour. In general, local guiding jobs are so flexible, they might be even more flexible than Easter bunny’s rear legs!

Check, also, the details about U2Guide, TripUniq, ToursByLocals and Triple in your city.

how to earn extra money
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5. Easter bunnies usually make a mess trying to find eggs, but you could help with cleaning, instead!

Easter time coincides with Spring-time in the Northern hemisphere and for many it is time for a good refresh at home, which usually includes a thorough, general cleaning. Which brings us to our last tip to make extra money this Easter: take up housekeeping and cleaning tasks with one of the plenty available companies on AppJobs.

You can easily download an application on your smartphone, like Housekeeper, ProntoPro, TidyApp, Merry Maids, StarOfService or Helpling, for example, and find housekeeping gigs in your area right before or during Easter. Trust us, cleaning gigs will be high in demand! Your schedule will be totally flexible and you can help with cleaning homes, yards, doing laundry and ironing and other similar tasks.

Make this Easter…

… a gig job-hunt instead of an egg-hunt! Find lots of gigs to earn extra money in your city on AppJobs. Explore all your possibilities with various companies and take up all kinds of tasks.