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23 cosas que puedes alquilar para ganar dinero y en las que quizá no habías pensado

All of us are consumers… While some of us rush to a store to buy the latest gadget right after its launch, others may think twice about what to buy and keep their home neat and tidy. Yet sometimes a cordless drill or a blender comes in handy to hang a shelf or bake a cake. We live in an era when sharing stuff has finally become trendy and cool (again). And it’s profitable, too. If you want to supplement your income or earn some pocket money without much effort, you’re destined to rent out your stuff. If you haven’t realized yet how many different things you can rent out to earn extra money, check our list with 23 ideas!

Things You Can Rent Out For Money

alquilar mis cosas
Even if you think you got rid of all the unnecessary objects in your home, you surely own something you can rent out.
Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash.

1. Storage

You live in a huge house and don’t have anything to store in your basement and/or own a storage unit somewhere in the city but never use it. Rent them out to people who need extra space while moving into their new home or for any other reason.

Do it with Neighbor, and which offer a $2 million Host Guarantee. This will protect you from personal liability and property damage.

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Alquile su unidad de almacenamiento en Dallas, Phoenix, Los Ángeles, Seattle, Portland, Houstony and many other cities worldwide.

2. RV

Did you know that some climbers and hikers live in vans, campervans or RVs? Why? They can start their vehicle at any time and head to the next amazing rock to climb. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend outdoors, your super comfy RV may pay for your next trip. Of course, you have to alquilarlo first.

RVshare is dedicated specifically to RVs of various types, and it provides you and other renters with vehicle insurance.

Alquile su coche en Cleveland, Charlotte, Tampa, Las Vegas, Louis, Louisville, Indianápolis, Fort Worthy and many other cities.

3. Kitchen

If don’t have pets or keep them outside, you may consider renting out your kitchen to home chefs. It’s because of hygiene regulations. This gig job has gained popularity among foodies who love to cook but haven’t earned any degree or certificate as a chef. Plenty of platforms are waiting for you to join their community.

Rent out your kitchen and home en Ciudad de Nueva York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston, Filadelfia, Pittsburgh y otras ciudades del mundo.

4. Space for Pets

Do you know what pet boarding means? Have you maybe worked as a pet sitter before? Even if you have not, you could become one, ‘rent your space’ for animals, and take care of them while their parents are doing some business or on vacation (far) away from home. Familiarize yourself with the legislation regarding pet sitting in your state, obtener un seguro y una fianza, and start spending your time with cute puppies and/or adult dogs. ‘Renting’ y caring sound like a great combination to earn extra money.

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Care for animals en Orlando, Ciudad de Nueva York, Baltimore, Austin, Seattle, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Berlín. Toronto, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Bogotáy Singapur. Can’t find your city? Search for it on Appjobs!.

5. Car

‘Rent my stuff’ includes car rentals, too. If you have decided to abandon your car for a while, you could rent it out to those who could use it to do their grocery shopping, for example. If your vehicle meets the criteria set and becomes popular among renters, you will hit the jackpot.

Both Turo y Getaround offers vehicle insurance to their members. Both platforms keeps a certain percentage of your earnings as a commission fee.

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Alquile su coche en Austin, San José, Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, Portland y muchas otras ciudades.

6. Empty Room/Home

El most obvious thing you can rent out is a room, or any kind of accommodation that is allowed to be listed on a particular platform.

En Airbnb, you can advertise your empty room, an entire home, cabins, and many more. The better host you are, the more guest will come. You’re required to purchase your own insurance but eligible hosts get reimbursed up to 1 million USD in case the guest damages the property.

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Rent your home in Aurora, Rochester, Ciudad de Oklahoma, Milwaukee, Columbus, Memhpis, Miami, Washington D.C., Ciudad de Nueva York, Los Ángeles, Detroit, París y many other cities worldwide.

7. Wedding Gown & Suit

You got married, wore your gown or suit once and now it only occupies space in your wardrobe. There must have been a reason why you decided to buy and not rent one. Some couples either can’t afford to purchase some expensive clothes or don’t want to spend money on it.

List yours on Alquilarcharlie y let the other couple start their married life wearing your items. Basically, you can rent out almost anything with the platform. You have to contact your own insurance provider to find out whether your insurance will cover your rentals.

Rent your stuff in Vancouver, Calgary, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Nashville,, Chicagoy muchas otras ciudades.

8. Party Tent

Have you ever worked with catering and bought some party tents and other essential items for events? It’s time to start making money off of them.

Find renters on Zilok, where you can list your stuff in several categories, ranging from electronics to luxury. Purchase insurance or upgrade your current coverage before joining the site. About 10% of the rental price will go to the platform.

Rent your stuff in Dallas, Albuquerque, Miami, Milwaukee, San Antonio, Sacramento, El Paso, Lyon, Toulousey muchas otras ciudades.

9. Camera Equipment

Some film directors have already made a few films by using a smartphone, but every now and then someone needs a set of camera equipment of great quality. Maybe an important date is coming up or a short film is being produced.

Rent out your cameras, lenses, tripods and anything related with the help of Llama gorda. The online portal offers protection to lenders.

Rent your stuff in Manchester, Belfast, Leeds , Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, Londres , Bristoly otras ciudades.

10. Drones

Do you enjoy playing around with drones creating awesome footage? Share your passion for them with others. Rent your stuff with Beazy, for example. In case you need assistance in finding an insurance company, the platform will help you out.

11. Piano

Musical instruments cost a fortune. Famous musicians usually start playing the piano, violin, guitar in their childhood. The only problem is that children may not settle with the first instrument they grab. Rent out your precious items to parents and anyone else who would love to get familiar with an acoustic or electronic musical instrument. Then again, we recommend Zilok.

Rent your stuff in Columbus, Portland, Denver, Washington D.C., Ciudad de Nueva York, Chicago, Nashville, París, Marsellay muchas otras ciudades.

12. Space on Vehicles

We’ve discussed car rentals, and you probably know a few things about driver jobs, now we’ll focus on ads on cars. Whenever you drive somewhere with the ad placed on your car, you turn on the app and start earning as long as you’re okay with the ads displayed.

Wrap your car with Wrapify o Nickelytics. Check with your current car insurance provider if any changes to your policy would be necessary.

Read about other ways of turning your car into money-making machine.

Earn money by wrapping your car in Pittsburgh, Houston, Sacramento, Atlanta, Seattle, Phoenix, Cabo de Coral, Orlando, Fort Myers, St. Petersburgy otras ciudades de Estados Unidos.

13. Kayak

Some countries excel at kayaking world championships and similar sports events. If you would rather spend some ours paddling in the great outdoors and not just watching athletes compete, you know how many of your fellow kayakers feel. Rent out your paddles, kayaks and canoes to families, solo travelers and others arriving in your state to explore the wilderness. Zilok could be an option for you again. Remember: up to 10% commission is kept by the platform, and own insurance coverage is recommended.

Rent your stuff in San Bernardino, Tucson, Ciudad de Oklahoma, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, París, Marsellay muchas otras ciudades.

14. Surfboard

Surfing was invented in Hawaii but today it’s one of the most popular extreme sports worldwide. Unfortunately, not every person interested in surfing lives close to an ocean, sea, lake, or a water park. Therefore, not all of them have got a surfboard or have the possibility to transport theirs to places.

Rent out your boards and accessories with Nómadas de Surfy to some people visiting your area to enjoy the sun and ride the waves. Get insured!

Rent your surfboards in San Francisco, Los Ángeles, San José, San Diego, the Gold Coast, Barcelona, Lisboay muchas otras ciudades.

15. People Standing in Line

In big cities, it happens quite often that customers need to wait in line to get their bagel, iPhone, new pair of shoes, etc. Some people can’t handle the crowd, hate waiting or simply don’t want to waste any minute doing so dull things. So what do they do? They hire a person who doesn’t mind chilling outside a store, perhaps in minus temperatures.

Sign up for TaskRabbit if you possess a huge amount of patience. To become a Tasker, one must pay a non-refundable fee of $20 (£25 in the UK). All Taskers are legally classified as independent contractors, so start reading up on insurance.

Search for opportunities in Liverpool, Londres, Oxford, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Brighton y algunas otras ciudades del mundo.

16. Jogging Stroller

Just because someone has a small child, it doesn’t mean they can go for a run. It takes some practice but anyone can learn how to use a jogging stroller. Why not make someone happy and lend your baby gear while you’re out of town, on a trip, or lacking the time to exercise. Choose Alquilarcharlie or another platform. Do some research and find the insurance that will cover any potential damage caused by renters. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Rent stuff in Vancouver, Calgary, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Nashville, Chicagoy muchas otras ciudades.

17. Sewing Machine

When you brainstorm ideas, what do you list after ‘I want to rent my stuff such as’? Do you think a sewing machine would draw attention to your page? Maybe. A seamstress may experience some trouble with their own machine and need a back-up. Yours could save the day!

Get in touch with fellow dressmakers via Hygglo (if you live in Sweden) and other platforms. The Swedish start-up provides insurance for its users who get to keep 80% of the total rental fee.

Rent your stuff in Estocolmo, Gotemburgo, Malmö, Atlanta, Los Ángeles, Calgaryy muchas otras ciudades.

18. Riding Lawn Mower

Considering the size of your yard, you may have selected a riding lawn mower in the shop. You always get excited when the time comes to mow the lawn. But let’s keep it real! In reality, you only turn on the engine of your mower once a month or even less depending on which part of the world you live in.

Add your machine to Zilok’s ‘At Home’ category and wait for requests. Around 90% of the rental price chosen by you is yours. Don’t forget to check what your seguro covers. If needed, upgrade it or choose another provider.

Rent your stuff in San Bernardino, Tucson, Ciudad de Oklahoma, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, San Antonio, Sacramento, El Paso, Lyon, París, Marsellay muchas otras ciudades.

19. Excavator

Heavy construction equipment comprises a niche on peer-to-peer platforms. It’s quite unlikely that every other person owns an excavator, a tractor, a combine or something similar. If you happen to park one near your home, try to rent it out.

List them on Zilok, Dallaso GrannSaker, depending on where you reside. Scroll up for more info on Zilok and Rentcharlie. GrannSaker has implemented an insurance policy for owners renting stuff.

Rent your stuff in Estocolmo, Gotemburgo, Malmö, Atlanta, Los Ángeles, San Francisco, Calgaryy many other cities worldwide.

20. Bridesmaids

We’ve seen some films in which human beings were hired by someone to pretend to be a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a relative, etc. Why not offer your services as a bridesmaid. This may sound a bit crazy or hilarious but you could make some money by accompanying the bride.

Con GigSalad, you could earn a living as an entertainer. The commission the platform takes depends on which package you select during registration. You will join a diverse group of independent contractors, and you will take care of your own taxes and such.

Search for opportunities in Ciudad de Nueva York, Portland, Detroit, Filadelfia, El Paso, San Antonio, Ottawa, Montréaly other places worldwide.

21. Parking Space

You may not even own a car but have a plaza de aparcamiento somewhere in the city, or a driveway in front of your home, in a suburban area perhaps. Rent it out to drivers who would like to avoid stress when looking for a safe and affordable place to park their vehicles.

Consulte JustPark y SpotHero and find out whether or not they have arrived in your city too. The former keeps 25% of your earnings, the latter takes a 15% commission and charges $0.99 on each monthly recurring transaction. You need to have your own insurance if that is applicable.

Alquile su plaza de aparcamiento en Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Phoenix, Filadelfia, San Pablo, Memphisy and many other cities worldwide.

22. Friend

On a related note, another crazier option is to attend an event as someone’s friend. Check freelance jobs to find ads in which people looking for a friend.

Search for opportunities in Miami, Ciudad de Nueva York, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Houston, Leeds, Liverpool, Bucarest, Katowice, Madrid, Vienay other places worldwide.

23. A Crowd

Famous musicians tend to have enough appeal and power to fill a stadium. However, some professionals of a certain kind may not attract such a huge crowd even if it looked good in the papers. So they turn to various sites to recruit people. In addition to this, talk shows are usually filmed in front of paid audience members. Not always, though. If this type of job interests you, register on freelance sitespor ejemplo.

Search for opportunities in Los Ángeles, Miami, Ciudad de Nueva York, Boston, Denver, Houston, Houston, San Diego, Indianápolis, Cleveland, Houstony other tons of other cities worldwide.

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