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Are you unemployed and need a job now? Here is some useful advice.

Have you found yourself without a job or are you stuck in a job you hate and need a new job asap? Unemployment can be tough, and so can be a job that you can’t stand going to everyday. Let us give you some advice and information on how you can speed up the process and land on a new or better job opportunity fast!

“I need a job asap” – where do I look?

When you find yourself in the situation that you really need to get a job as soon as possible, you should look for a suitable one strategically.

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You can look for job openings that match your qualifications and experience on search engines online, but keep in mind that many companies promote job openings on social networking sites, como Facebook or LinkedIn, before they are published elsewhere. There might even be special Grupos de Facebook in your city for specific fields of work – ask to be a member to stay on top of things. You can even search for jobs in local newspapers or, if you’re interested in a retail job, walk around your city or your nearby mall and keep a lookout for “Hiring” signs on shop windows.

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Then, there is the option of subscribing to email alerts of job search sitios web or specific companies, choosing keywords that should appear in the job ads, and receive in your email job postings as soon as they are posted. This way you’ll have the chance to be among the first applicants.

El golden rule though is that, whenever possible, you should make personal contact. You could for example call or visit the company you are interested in, use social and professional networking to reach to people that may work in the company you are planning to apply to, or even find the responsible recruiter or manager for the position on LinkedIn and send them a personal message.

2. When you need a job asap, you need to look for it efficiently.

Applying for a job can take a lot of time. Do yourself a favor and follow some useful tips that will save you valuable time:

  • apply to jobs that are a good match for your skills.
  • make sure you include keywords from the job ad in your CV and Cover Letter
  • have a ready-made general Cover Letter at hand, but always tailor it for the specific job you are applying for.
  • try to find an online or in-person connection to the job you apply for in your network that can help you with attracting some attention to your application.
  • do a Google search for what jobs are in demand in the specific area you live. Understandably there will be more job opportunities in those fields. For example, construction workers, truck drivers, home health aide, and nurse practitioners were in high demand in the US for 2018.

Looking for solutions that will give you a job right now?

I need a job now
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Applying for jobs will for sure take some reasonable amount of time. If your need for a job is really urgent there are ways to skip the time-consuming recruiting processes, CVs and interviews!

You can sign up with AppJobs, donde puedes easily find all kinds of jobs via online platforms. Just type in your city in the search field and see what apps operate in your area under several categories like Autónomo, Entrega, Niñera, Cuidado de mascotas, , Conduciendo, Limpieza, Alquiler de coches/vehículos privados, Manitas, Enseñanza, Cocina casera,Venta en línea for example. Most of the jobs available on AppJobs have very short sign up processes – from immediate to two weeks.

Another option for you is to download the app Job Today on your smartphone, an application that promises that you can get a job in restaurants, shops etc. in 24 hours!

Recuerda: When you need a job fast, the shortest way to find one is through online and offline networking! Spread the word to relatives, friends and former colleagues. Inform them that you need a job asap. And you can always start working immediately with an app-based job to get that money flowing in right away. Search for the right one for you on AppJobs!

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