What are entry level jobs?

If you are a current college student looking for a full-time job, this guide discusses some popular fields that offer entry level employment. If you are looking for a part-time job while completing your studies, our other blog post describes the best part-time jobs for college students. Or if you are a high school student deciding which direction to follow with regards to your future but are interested in jobs you can do now read out blog posts on best jobs for 14-15 year old or 16 year old.

How to get entry level and no experience necessary jobs? 

The best way to get an entry level job with no experience is to search online for as many opportunities as possible and to apply to as many as you can. Trying is the ultimate key to getting a successful job and often looking for a job can feel a bit like a job. Before you start applying for the job some tips of remote jobs for beginners to remember: 

  1. Be confident
  2. Network 
  3. Apply everywhere 

Different places have different criteria of hiring and even if you do not fit all the requirements, apply anyways as there may be other roles they are looking to fill that you may be a match for. 

Best entry level jobs

If you are confused about whether entry level remote jobs fit your interest then do your homework first. Know what your interests are whether it is in sales or marketing or which roles peak your interest most. Another way to find out more about what roles might suit you is to take a career test on OwlGuru.

We have gathered a few ideas for inspiration for you to read more on well paying entry level jobs:


Source: https://universe.jumpstory.com/#search=engineering&type=photos

Engineering is a field that requires a unique set of skills compared to other fields. Engineering graduates typically earn 20% more than the average college graduates with earnings expected to increase. It’s a field that offers fair compensation and full-time entry level jobs. There is a wide range of engineering roles that may fit your interests best. Some typical fields within engineering are:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Industrial Engineering
  4. Computer Science
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Aerospace engineering

Public Health

Public health is a growing field that offers many career paths and opportunities as an entry level employee. Because of the flexibility of the degree and field, students can expect a tremendous return on investment for their efforts to obtain their degree. It is a field of a lot of exposure so students who opt for no experience remote jobs, public health is an achievable option. While it is a broad field, some roles well paying entry level roles in public health are:

  1. Epidemiologists
  2. Health Educators
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians
  4. Child Development Specialist
  5. Health Administrators or Health Service Managers
  6. Biostatistician

Human Resources 

HR is a rewarding field and also one of the more popular fields in the US. HR specialists are ranked among the top business jobs. Beginning an entry level career in HR is often a reliable and diverse role. HR professionals are typically responsible within companies for:

  1. Recruiting correct people for companies
  2. Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment
  3. Employer-Employee Relations
  4. Overseeing compensation and benefits for organization employees
  5. Ensuring the company is compliant with labor laws and regulations
  6. Training and development for employees within the organization

Entry level remote & digital nomad jobs

Have you ever felt like entry level remote and digital nomad jobs are hard to come by? Well this is not the case. Remote jobs without experience are almost everywhere, you just have to find them at the right places. if you are looking to combine your love of travel with your work some entry level remote jobs are:


What they do: A person in a data entry job has to work as a handler of different types of electronic data and operate devices that the professionals in the field use to edit and enter data. There are different types of departments in this field like typist, coder and transcriber. 

Education requirement: Data entry is a no experience remote job where experience is not required. The minimum requirement for data entry is to have a high school diploma. Moreover, certification as a typist is a major plus because typing is greatly beneficial in the data entry job. 

Median salary: $27,995/year 


What they do: Marketers are responsible for promoting a company or a product a company sells. People working in this field strategize inbound marketing and outbound marketing by creating awareness campaigns using marketing tactics in order to convince potential customers. 

Education requirements: At least bachelor’s degree in marketing in business administration  is required in order to work as a marketer. Some companies however accept a master’s degree if they look for extensive experience in the field of marketing, advertising or sales. 

Median salary: $110,000 USD/year


What they do: An IT specialist is a technical professional that is mainly responsible for implementation, monitoring and maintenance of IT systems. Big or small companies hire IT specialists if their software gets hacked or the main computer system that has all the data stored suddenly stops working. Well in that case, IT specialists are considered important for the company.  

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science is required by an organization for an IT specialist. Some employers however do require a master’s degree and experience of 2 to 3 years as they look for senior positions. 

Median salary: 96,100 USD/year

Part-time jobs that require no experience or education

There is a wide variety of jobs that require hardly any experience or educational backgrounds. Appjobs provides options for people who are looking for jobs that require no experience or college degrees. We provide jobs with no experience to everyone who is looking for one. Here is a list of jobs requiring no experience but still pay enough to make ends meet. 

Cleaning jobs

Cleaning is a great job opportunity for those who are looking for no experience jobs

Cleaning jobs do not require an academic background for example, Bark House cleaning offers housekeeping job opportunities for those who are tidy. With Bark, you set your prices and are in charge of how much you earn per job. 

Housekeeper also hires detail oriented and professional cleaners who want to work independently. You could potentially earn 323.43 USD/week or around $30 an hour while enjoying the flexibility of setting your own schedule. 

Merry Maid is another platform that allows you to earn an extra income. With this platform, they do not allow employees to work on weekends, late at nights or on religious holidays which gives you time to spend with your friends or family. If you have a talent to leave your house squeaky clean and sparkling, then the Merry Maid team may be for you.  

Delivery jobs: 

If you have your own mode of transportation then delivery jobs might be a great way to earn an income. Delivery jobs do not require experience or education, only a valid driver’s license is necessary to begin. Some companies to consider working delivery jobs for are companies such as:

  1. Hungr lets you choose your own schedule. If you as a driver want to start your day in the morning or in afternoon you are independent enough to choose your timing for you. For each delivery earn $3.
  2. UberEats which is yet another food delivery platform available worldwide. As a delivery rider you will have to run an application and choose your pick up location, pick up the food and drop it off at the customer’s house.
  3. DoorDash is another large restaurant food delivery services available in the United States to those that already have a vehicle. 

Don’t forget that delivery drivers earn extra in tips and also typically have flexible schedules that work with their day to day life. Other delivery companies to check out aree: Clutter, Deliveroo, Shipt, and Postmates

Some other jobs that require a vehicle but are not food delivery are moving jobs. You can find work through companies such as Thumbtack, Dolly, or goPuff that will connect you with locals in your area in need of help moving or delivering large items. 

Pet Sitting

With the majority of households hosting a furry friend or two, pet sitting is a great way to play with animals while earning. Using platforms such as PetBacker, Appjobs hosts a variety of platforms to help you get started. PetBacker is a platform exclusively made for all pet lovers. It’s a place where pet lovers can find their dream side hustle in Cape Town. You can earn around 1,000zar each week with PetBacker: just make sure you fulfill their requirements when you register. Sittercity is another platform where you can pet sit local pets and earn around $40 a day.


If you are good with kids, companies such as UrbanSitter are looking for a nanny like you. It’s a community of 100 caregivers in all states in the US. Best part about this job opportunity is that you get to connect with families and can find a job that is flexible and works in your schedule. Check out Bambino, Care, Sittercity, or Sitter for more similar job opportunities as a caregiver. 

Where to find an entry level job?

Graduated but did not land a job yet? Worry not. We have compiled a list where you can easily search for jobs just like 1,000,000+ job seekers around the worldwide. 


Easy jobs to get with no experience is quite difficult in such times but Appjobs being a jackpot for many job seekers is an online job seeking digital platform that connects unemployed people with apps and services like Bark, Uber and Upwork. They sign up through appjobs to these apps and get paid for their services. To learn more about no experience jobs that might interest you, check out our other blog post


Fiverr is your solution: one of the largest platforms for digital services, where you can land on reasonable freelance deals by those looking to hire for project based services. 


TaskRabbit is the most fun entry level job. It allows you to choose which task you want to complete- ranging from furniture assembling to personal help.

So now doing household chores is boring for you? Worry not! TaskRabbit got your back. Sign up here!


What are the best entry level jobs for college graduates?

  • In the US students have to pay for their education themselves so it’s natural for them to find part time jobs so they can pay for their fee and other academic expenses. Here are some of the best entry level jobs for college students that you can check out at Appjobs
  1. Library Assistant: Library assistant is a noble job opportunity that college students can opt for. Library management has a lot going in a day from every reader walking in and out they deal with a lot of things. They need a special assistant who can help them do their day to day tasks. 
  2. Cafeteria worker: It’s the most fun job that a student can apply for. What is better than working and enjoying yummy food at the same time? This job must interest you. 
  3. Tutor: If you are good at a specific subject and have the ability to share that knowledge with others then you must give online tutoring to other students. 

For more ideas of what entry level jobs are available click here.

What entry-level jobs pay the most?

How to become a digital nomad with no experience?

  • It is okay to have zero experience as long as you have skill to start something over and passion for being consistent then you can do anything in this world. There is no magic wand that can make you a digital nomad overnight. It takes effort and consistency until you become one. 
  1. Brainstorm ideas 
  2. Know your skill set 
  3. How much time are you willing to spend in the process? 
  • Once you find out all the answers you will become a successful digital nomad. To find out job opportunities for digital nomads click here. Appjobs gathered a list of job opportunities for jobseekers like you. 

What are the easiest jobs to get with no experience?

  • Even if you are not experienced but want to earn money Appjobs got you covered. Now you can easily apply for cleaning jobs at Appjobs which is the easiest job that requires no past experience. A delivery job is also a great opportunity for the one who has their own mode of transportation. 
  • What all job opportunities you can find at Appjobs, this link might interest you. 


This entry level and no experience necessary jobs guide details how to find work regardless of your experience. All it takes is the right kind of research and the right place to land on for finding a job. Many careers offer entry level opportunities and many platforms offer work for those without furthered education. From cleaning to delivery, from freelancing to babysitting, from a marketer to an engineer Appjobs caters to almost every field.