The Myers-Briggs ISTP personality type tends to be an observant artisan, with a keen interest in troubleshooting and a strong understanding of mechanics. They tend to use a flexible logic when approaching their environments and are often found seeking out practical solutions to the real-world problems that they face. They tend to be adaptable and independent and will interact with others in a spontaneous and self-directed manner.

ISTP Personality:

ISTP stands for introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. This personality type gets their energy from spending time on their own and focuses on the details and facts rather than concepts and ideas. They use reason and logic when making decisions and prefer to be flexible and spontaneous rather than organised and planned. Since they will typically be skilled with tools and mechanics, they are often nicknamed ‘the craftsperson’.

The ISTP personality type has a strong attention to detail and is very responsive to the demands of the world around them. They have an astute sense of their environment, which makes them excellent at quickly responding to emergencies. While they do tend to be the reserved type, they are not withdrawn from others and typically approach the world around them with a strong appreciation of the sensory and physical experiences that it has to offer.

This personality type tends to be very curious about the mechanics of the world that they live in. They often have a very unique ability to manipulate the tools that are available in their environments and enjoy studying how things world. They can often be found mastering the use and operation of equipment, machines, tools, and instruments. They have a desire to seek out practical understanding and are quickly bored by theory, preferring to put their technical knowledge to use straight away.

The ISTP tends to be quite detached and prefers the logic of mechanics over complex and unpredictable human emotions. They are quite reserved and independent and place a lot of value on their personal space. They prefer to be spontaneous and free to follow their own lead. With others, they can be very selective when it comes to their relationships and tend to prefer friendships with others who are happy to offer plenty of freedom for them to do their own thing.

Best Careers for ISTP:

In a professional setting, this personality type is motivated by their strong desire to achieve and utilise a strong technical expertise. They enjoy mastering and using the tools of their trade whether that is traditional practical tools or modern software and technology tools.

At work, the ISTP prefers to take on tasks that have tangible results. They will be at their most satisfied when they are able to build something concrete. They enjoy solving practical problems and troubleshooting and will actively seek out a career that allows them to apply their practical skills to doing this.

Many individuals with this personality type enjoy a profession that involves some physical activity. They do not shy aware from career paths that come with some aspect of danger or risk and typically dislike being stuck behind a desk. Often, they are energised by action and prefer a work environment where they can jump straight into getting things done rather than spending lots of time theorising and planning.

The ideal work environment for the ISTP is one that is flexible and provides logic and efficiency. They prefer work that does not overly burden them with procedure and rules, while allowing them to be action-oriented and practical.

Best Jobs for ISTP:

The ideal career for the ISTP personality type allows them to figure out how things work autonomously and at their own pace. They prefer work that is results-oriented and allows them to apply their technical knowledge to come up with solutions. They will often prefer more hands-on work.

·      Firefighter:

The role of a firefighter may be appealing to the ISTP, who will seek adventure and will not shy away from a sense of danger in their workplace. Firefighters need to perform under pressure and engage in practical decision making while mastering the tools of their trade, all of which can make it an ideal role for the ISTP.

·      Police Officer:

Some ISTP personality types may be drawn to work as a police officer since this role has a lot of potential for exposure to new and exciting situations. In addition, there may be tools to master including advanced driving or armed police roles, which the ISTP may find both satisfying and exciting.

·      A&E Doctor:

A doctor who works in the Accident and Emergency is tasked with assessing and treating patients who come into hospital in an emergency situation. To succeed, they require strong logical and problem-solving skills, which can make this role an ideal fit for the ISTP. In addition, there are plenty of tools and equipment to master, and the ISTP’s strong attention to detail will often make them fitting for this role, although the high degree of social interaction may drain them.

·      Economist:

Working as an economist requires a lot of skills that will often come naturally to the ISTP, including logical thinking and a strong attention to detail. Economists are required to collect and analyse data, research and evaluate trends in economics, study costs and review statistics using a range of tools. They work in various fields including healthcare, business, and education, and have the opportunity to work autonomously as a contractor, which can also be very appealing to the ISTP.

·      Air Traffic Controller:

An air traffic controller uses a variety of tools to maintain the safety of airports and planes by coordinating air transportation. They are required to guide take-offs and landings and oversee plane movements. They work to make sure that planes are kept at a safe distance from one another while ensuring that delays are reduced, and flights are kept on schedule. This role requires a lot of qualities that the ISTP will often naturally possess including efficiency and concentration. In addition, the ISTP may find that being responsible for the safety of others is an appealing and welcome challenge.

·      Zoologist:

The field of zoology may be an ideal fit for the ISTP who will enjoy a role where they can take part in objective observation and coming up with solutions to environmental problems. In addition, zoologists often work in a hands-on setting with work available in a wide range of environments including labs, offices and the outdoors. Daily tasks may involve the collection and analysis of biological data, studying reproductive and migration patterns, or determining the impact of human action on animals’ natural habitats.

·      Electrical Engineer:

The ISTP personality type may find the field of electrical engineering appealing due to the technical and mechanical skills that are required for success in these roles. Producing new systems and machines is very exciting for some ISTPs, making this an ideal field to consider. Electrical engineers are required to design, test, and supervise the production of electrical systems in a wide range of environments including aircraft, automobiles, power station generators, computers and more.

ISTP Personality Careers to Avoid:

While the ISTP, like other personality types, has the potential to succeed in any career path, there are some career options that may not be best suited to their natural desire for figuring out tools and mechanics, learning new things, and getting hands-on with their work. Some of the main careers that are usually best avoided by the ISTP include:

·      Historian:

The ISTP personality type may find that working as a historian is neither a rewarding nor appealing career choice for them since this role will typically require them to spend a lot of time researching. There is not a lot of opportunity for them to conduct hands-on work. In addition, historians may also be required to spend time educating the public on historical topics, which can quickly become overwhelming for the introverted ISTP.

·      Judge:

Judges will often have extensive prior experience working in the legal field. The role involves listening to cases in court and ensuring that the proper legal procedures are followed. A role as a judge is unlikely to be fulfilling for the ISTP, who will not have the opportunity to work with their hands and improve their skills. In addition, the role may require them to work with and interact with a large number of people.

·      Receptionist:

While the initial part of learning the tools of the trade as a receptionist might appeal to the ISTP, the role itself is likely to become overwhelming and boring for this personality type. Receptionists are often required to perform tasks such as greeting people and will usually be needed to interact with clients throughout the day, which is simply too much social interaction for the typically withdrawn and introverted ISTP. In addition, many of a receptionist’s tasks are repetitive and mundane, which will not meet the ISTP’s desire to develop their skills.

The ISTP has a love of learning new things and getting stuck in, making them best suited to a hands-on work environment where they can develop their skills in their chosen field.