The ENTJ personality type is described as an individual who is charismatic, energetic, and entrepreneurial. People who have this personality type tend to be very motivated and focused. They are comfortable in management and leadership positions and can win the trust of others easily. They possess an innate boldness and desire to take control of almost any situation.

ENTJ Personality:

ENTJ stands for extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. As an extrovert, the ENTJ is energized by spending time with others. They focus on ideas and concepts rather than details and facts and make decisions based on logic and reason. They prefer to be organised and planned rather than spontaneous.

The ENTJ personality is a strategic leader who is motivated to organise and lead change. These individuals are typically quick to conceptualise new situations and will often be among the first to notice inefficiency. They enjoy developing long-range plans to meet their goals and excel at logical reasoning. As individuals, they are often quite quick-witted and articulate.

An ENTJ is objective and analytical. They enjoy bringing order to the world around them and enjoy the process of discovering and implementing better options when they notice flaws in a system. They are assertive people who will often enjoy taking charge; they will usually see their role as that of a manager and leader and are good at organising both processes and people to ensure that goals are achieved.

In a leadership position, the ENTJ is skilled at organising and implementing long-term change plans. They prefer to be in control and will often volunteer to take on as much decision-making power and responsibility as possible. They are democratic when it comes to new ideas and enjoy listening to new perspectives, however, they will be commanding when the time comes to make a decision. Once they have already made up their mind, the ENTJ becomes very focused on taking action. They tend to enjoy tackling tough problems and achieving goals on time.

Best Careers for ENTJ:

The ENTJ personality type tends to be drawn to leadership and management positions that allow them to develop strategies to achieve better productivity and efficiency. They prefer roles where they are a manager or supervisor and want a career path where they have the opportunity to lead organisational change.

At work, ENTJ personality types tend to enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems and spending time getting a better understanding of complex systems so that they can figure out where it can be improved. This personality type is skilled at naturally spotting opportunities for improvement and enjoy leading teams that share and carry out their vision and goals. They appreciate a work environment that is structured but encourages innovation and departure from traditions. Typically, the ENTJ personality type is hardworking and motivated, and prefer to be recognised for these efforts with money, prestige, and power.

What are the Best Jobs for ENTJ?

Their driven, hardworking nature means that the ENTJ often does better in a structured career. The best types of careers for the ENTJ are ones that challenge them, places them in a leadership role, and requires self-motivation. Some of the best career options for the ENTJ personality type include:

·      Sales:

Since the ENTJ personality type is extroverted, they are often found working successfully in sales roles. This personality type gets energy from interacting with others and ENTJs often have a strong desire to connect with and get to know other people, which can make them a good fit for a sales position where they can easily build relationships with clients, build trust, and eventually reach sales goals as a result. In the sales industry, the ENTJ will thrive best when they are selling a product or service that they are passionate about and believe in.

·      Project Management:

The ENTJ is well-suited to work as a project manager due to their natural leadership and judgement skills. To successfully launch a project, everybody on the project team needs to stay on task and the leader needs to ensure that everything is going smoothly. A project manager is tasked with directing the individuals that are involved with the project, managing the various roles and responsibilities, and tracking the project’s progress. A successful project manager is somebody who is able to manage the small details and tasks without losing sight of the big picture; something that the ENTJ is often naturally skilled at.

·      Healthcare:

The high work ethic, energy, and focus that is required from a role in the healthcare industry means that many healthcare careers are the ideal choice for the ENTJ. In addition, the need for many healthcare professionals to interact with lots of patients on a daily basis makes it an ideal choice for this extroverted personality type who will feel more energised at work when interacting with more people. ENTJs often make excellent surgeons since this is a role that requires a high level of energy and keen attention to detail. ENTJ personality types may also find success and satisfaction in a range of other healthcare roles including nursing, dentistry, medicine, optometry, and pharmacy.

·      Public Speaker:

Since the ENTJ personality type is often both confident and charismatic, they often make excellent public speakers. Working as a public speaker or in a role that requires a lot of public speaking and interacting with others such as a politician or public relations manager might be an ideal fit for this personality type. Public speakers need to possess a lot of skills that often come naturally to the ENTJ, including thoughtfulness, precision, and confidence. ENTJs are naturally charismatic, meaning that they are often very engaging speakers that find it easy to build trust with their audience.

·      Auditor:

The role of an auditor requires analysing complex financial documents to identify any signs of fraud and determine if the statements align. This role requires a high level of focus, making it ideal for the ENTJ personality type since this is one of their main skills. Auditors do spend some time working alone, however, this role also allows for a lot of interaction with others to satisfy the extroversion of this personality type, including interacting with several stakeholders, financial institutions such as banks, and government bodies. Auditors are also required to manage and maintain their own schedule, which makes it an ideal role for the self-starting, entrepreneurial ENTJ.

ENTJ Personality Careers to Avoid:

While there are a wide variety of different career paths that may be an ideal fit for this personality type, and the ENTJ possesses skills that will help them excel in any career that they choose, there are some roles that might not always be the best fit for the ENTJ. Some of the main careers to avoid if you are this personality type include:

·      Assistant:

Any job where the ENTJ is required to work under the direction of somebody else is going to be a bad fit for them. Since the ENTJ prefers working in a leadership position, being unable to contribute their own ideas, make leadership decisions or question instructions is likely to be challenging for them. Because of this, the ENTJ is best avoiding any position where they work as an assistant for somebody else.

·      Clerical Work:

At work, the ENTJ will thrive best in a position where they can come up with their own ideas and make decisions. A clerical role is almost always a bad fit for the ENTJ since there is a specific set of rules that must be followed, which can be challenging for the ENTJ who prefers to take control and be more creative in the workplace. In addition, many clerical roles will often be quite repetitive and the fact that there isn’t much creativity required may leave the ENTJ feeling bored and unfulfilled in the workplace.

·      Psychologist:

The ENTJ personality type prefers to focus on solving concrete problems that have specific solutions. Because of this, any career that requires them to help people interpret and manage emotions are usually best avoided. For example, working as a psychologist or counsellor might not be the best choice for the ENTJ who may be frustrated in a line of work where they need to deal with ongoing issues that might never have an objective solution.

·      Receptionist:

While working as a receptionist might appeal to the extraversion trait as this role does require you to work with others and interact with people on a regular basis, the work is often boring for an ENTJ as it’s very structured and repetitive. Working on a reception desk does not provide the ENTJ with the opportunity to focus their energy on completing complex tasks, problem-solving, or flexing their natural entrepreneurial skills. However, the ENTJ might find that while this role would be unfulfilling for them over the long term, it can be an ideal choice for an entry-level position to gain work experience to get them into a more suitable role.

The ENTJ personality type is likely to thrive in a leadership role where they can be creative, problem-solve, interact with other people, and be rewarded.