The ENFJ Myers-Briggs personality type is an idealist organizer. They are driven to implement their visions and have an innate ability to see potential in other people. Due to their charisma when it comes to persuading others to see and get on board with their ideas, they often act as a catalyst for human growth.

ENFJ Personality:

ENFJ stands for extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. The ENFJ is energized by spending time with others and focuses on ideas and concepts rather than the details and facts. When making decisions, they base them on values and feelings. They prefer to be organized and planned rather than flexible and spontaneous. The ENFJ is sometimes nicknamed ‘the teacher’ since they are interested in helping others grow and develop.

Typically, the ENFJ personality type is somebody who is driven and energetic. They’re often found juggling a lot of different things and tend to be tuned into the needs of others. Although they are acutely aware of suffering and pain in the world, they also tend to be forward-thinking, optimistic, and intuitive when it comes to finding opportunities for improvement. They are often highly ambitious and even feel personally responsible to do what they can to make the world a better place.

The ENFJ is typically driven by altruism and a deep sense of empathy for others. They are intuitive when it comes to the emotions of others and can react emotionally to the people around them. Their compassion is not only extended to people who are close to them. The ENFJ is often a humanitarian by nature and will feel genuine concern for the human race. They find it easy to imagine or even experience the feelings of others and are often compelled to act if they see somebody suffering.

The ENFJ personality type believes that cooperating with others is the best way to get things done and tends to want supportive and close connections with others. They like being liked and tend to be sensitive to both positive and negative feedback. They expect the best from both themselves and others and tend to be disappointed if they find that others are not as genuine as they are when it comes to their intentions. They work hard to maintain strong relationships with others and want to be a valuable member of their community or groups.

Best Careers for ENFJ:

The ENFJ at work is somebody who is motivated to organise others to implement positive changes. They solve problems enthusiastically, especially when they can use their strong intuition about other people. They enjoy cooperation and tend to work best in an environment that is harmonious and where they are able to support and encourage the growth of other people. In the workplace, ENFJs can often be found in mentor roles, with a primary aim of helping others get better at what they do.

Since the ENFJ is able to naturally organise others to take advantage of their talents and will often have a strong vision in their work, they are often attracted to leadership roles. They enjoy a role where they can focus on a humanitarian mission and develop innovative initiatives. They appreciate teamwork and want to be able to access the organisational resources that they need to turn their ideas into a reality.

The ENFJ will thrive in an environment that is people-centred and forward-thinking. They prefer a work environment that has a clear humanitarian mission and is driven by constructive action. Ideally, the ENFJ will do best in a role where they can develop and implement ideas to improve the well-being and circumstances of others.

Best Jobs for ENFJ:

The best career for the ENFJ is often one in which they can work closely with other people and use their skills to improve things for others. This personality type enjoys being social and works best when they are able to make a positive impact to others’ lives. Some of the best career options for the ENFJ include:

·      Teacher:

With a nickname of ‘the teacher’ for the ENFJ personality type, it’s no surprise that this career is an ideal fit for these individuals. The ENFJ often tends to be skilled at explaining concepts to others and adjusting this based on the student’s learning style. In addition, the ENFJ often also has a lot of empathy, which is an ideal quality for teachers who not only need to provide education but are also required to evaluate the thoughts and feelings of their students.

·      Guidance Counsellor:

The highly empathetic nature of the ENFJ makes them an ideal fit for a job where they are spending most of their time guiding and counselling others. They have a natural inclination to find out more about the people around them and figure out how they can help others.

·      Sales Manager:

Since the ENFJ values personal interaction in their work, they are often an ideal candidate for a role as a sales manager. In this role, the ENFJ can enjoy the process of finding out what other people are interested in and identifying how customer needs can be met. In addition, the ENFJ does not always need a lot of assistance in building a large client list since they are self-motivated and well-organised. However, to be successful in this role, the ENFJ will typically need to be working with products or services that they believe in.

·      Public Relations:

In a public relations career, it is important to be able to understand the motivations and needs of other people. This makes it an ideal fit for the ENFJ, who may often be able to intuitively know how to navigate a sensitive or difficult situation. In addition, this fast-paced field also requires professionals to be very self-directed and self-controlled; both of which tend to be traits of the ENFJ. These roles also have a creative element, which is appealing to the ENFJ.

·      Human Resources:

The ENFJ type is often sociable and charming, which makes it easy for others to relate to them. Because of this, they are often a good fit for a career in public relations, where they will have the responsibility of making the workplace a more comfortable and more productive place for employers. ENFJs also have great communication skills due to their intuition that allows them to better understand the emotions and feelings of others – another quality that makes them an ideal fit for this type of work.

·      Art Director:

The ENFJ will often be strongly interested in the arts. Coupled with the fact that they are often skilled at evaluating and understanding others’ preferences, they often make very good art directors. When working in this field, the ENFJ is likely to be highly successful at identifying concepts that are likely to appeal to large numbers of people. And, they will excel at pitching ideas to clients due to their natural communication and teaching skills.

ENFJ Personality Careers to Avoid:

While it is possible for the ENFJ personality type to succeed in any career that they choose, some career options are simply not the best fit as they do not allow for the ENFP to use their natural talents or take part in work that they care about. Some of the main careers for this personality type to avoid include:

·      Law Enforcement:

Working in law enforcement requires an individual to be skilled analytically and tactically, along with using objective planning and implementation. It does not allow for much creativity, although the side of law enforcement that is about helping others might be appealing to the ENFJ individual. However, this career involving making arrests and investigating crime scenes may quickly become overwhelming and stressful for the ENFJ, who is naturally highly empathetic.

·      Military:

Similar to law enforcement, working in the military with strict rules and orders that must be followed is likely to be stifling for the ENFJ. This personality type is likely to find it difficult to just follow orders when they don’t agree with them. And ENFJs are naturally more inclined to help communities rather than go to war with them, meaning that they will typically find this career to be completely against their beliefs.

·      Accounting:

While most ENFJs won’t mind working with numbers, a career in accounting where they will be required to do paperwork and punch numbers into the computer all day long is not likely to be something that they will enjoy at all. This role is best avoided since the ENFJ won’t be able to interact with people very often and the tasks can be very repetitive.

·      Business Owner or Manager:

Despite being natural born leaders and teachers, the ENFJ is not always well-suited for owning or managing a business. This is because a business owner or manager often has to make difficult decisions that could hurt other people, which will be stressful and upsetting for the ENFJ.

Sociable and a natural teacher, the ENFJ is happiest when working with other people on a cause that is close to their heart.