The sharing economy is often mentioned in the news. For example, Australia’s one and only Airtasker demands its space in media outlets because of its steep rise. As of January 2019, nearly two million people are signed up, and numerous Airtaskers make a living by doing side hustle somewhere in Australia. Even expats/immigrants on Working Holiday Visa or Work and Holiday Visa could be benefiting from it.


1. Who can sign up for Airtasker?

As always, there is an age limit. So every expat or immigrant, whatever term they rather identify with, can sign up if they are at least 18 years old. In addition to this, the relevant knowledge and skills to carry out the particular tasks are wanted.

2. What kind of services can one offer on Airtasker?

Fortunately, users can post diverse tasks on the platform. All Australian citizens as well as expats/immigrants can browse the job opportunities in their cities. Thanks to that, individuals with all kinds of interests, hobbies, skills, qualifications can do side hustle on their own terms.

The main categories are:

• Business & Admin
• Cleaning
• Delivery & removals
• Furniture Assembly
• Handyman
• Marketing & Design
• Home & Gardening
• Anything


3. How does Airtasker work?

Everyone interested in signing up for the platform will probably manage to master it within seconds. One must create a profile using their Facebook or Google account and personalise it. Photos uploaded could easily make someone’s page more popular.

All side hustle jobs have a price, but that is negotiable. However, locals or airtaskers on working holiday visa must explain why their price is higher, or lower. When the potential clients accept the offer, the task must be performed remotely or on location. That depends on the type of the gig job.

Are you an expat/immigrant aiming to do some side hustle with Airtasker in Australia?
Check the offers in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast.


4. How to secure great reviews in Australia?

A 37-year-old Airtasker from Melbourne has earned $171,000 by doing painting-related side hustle jobs. He says it helps him secure great reviews that he only does one kind of gig job approximately 40 hours per week, from Monday to Sunday, even during nights.

Specialisation in certain fields can indeed boost someone’s popularity. doing specific jobs could indicate more professionalism. So both skilled expats/immigrants and experienced Australian citizens could make their Airtasker experience lucrative enough.

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