Dogs are a popular pet and there aren’t many reasons not to like them. But people who have dogs often find that their pet takes up a lot of time and attention that they might not always have. Dog owners are always looking for experienced and trustworthy people that they can hire to look after their dog while they are at work or away on holiday. If you love dogs and would love to get paid for looking after them, this can be a lucrative and fun side hustle. Below is a short guide on how you can use Rover to turn your love of dogs into a way of making money.

Is Rover Worth It?

Pet sitting is a popular choice of side gig with lots of services to choose from. However, Rover is a very popular and reputable choice. You can use it to hire people to look after your precious pets while you are not at home or to find work as a dog walker or pet sitter.

If you adore animals and prefer to work with animals than people, you’d probably be good at pet sitting. Keep reading to find out more about using Rover to make money.

How Does Rover Work for Walkers?

You can get set up as a Rover dog walker or pet sitter with just a few simple steps. All you need to do is visit the website, create an account, and start setting up your profile. Within five days, Rover will run a background check to make sure that you’re legit and somebody that they are happy to bring on board. Once that’s complete, you are ready to get started.

People who are using Rover to find somebody to watch their pets or walk their dog will contact you when they come across and like your profile. You’ll then meet with them to see if you are a good match for their needs. If they (and their pet) like you, then they will book your services.

What’s Involved in Working for Rover Dog Walking?

Rover operates in many different locations so the process for bringing on new dog sitters and walkers can vary. Some locations allow you to simply sign up and get started. People in other locations will be required to go for an in-person interview with a member of the team.

A background check is also run on you when you apply in all locations in order to provide clients with peace of mind that they are leaving their furry friends in good hands. Typically, it shouldn’t take you too long to get approval. Most people don’t wait any more than a couple of weeks.

What Can You Do When You Work for Rover Full Time?

You can do more than just pet sitting when you sign up to Rover. There are various services that you might want to offer to your clients including dog walking, drop-ins, house-sitting, dog boarding, doggy day-care and more.

You can determine your own schedule when working for Rover, making it an ideal freelance or side hustle option. You can also put restrictions in place when it comes to the number of dogs that you are willing to take, the size of the dogs you’ll care for or walk, and the booking types you want. You don’t have to work a minimum number of hours – how much or how little you work is up to you.

How Much Do You Make on Rover?

Rover makes recommendations based on your experience, location, and demand in the area to help you set your rates. However, you can also choose your own schedule and pricing based on how much you think your services are worth. You set up your payment details when you sign up, and Rover deals with client payments.

The client is required to make a payment when they book. Your earnings will be made available in your account 48 hours after the booking is completed, to make sure that everybody is satisfied.

Do You Tip Dog Sitters on Rover? How to Increase Rover Dog Sitting Pay

There are plenty of ways to earn more from Rover. However, most people who join this site do it because they are huge dog lovers and like the idea of being paid to look after dogs, but don’t know much about sales or marketing. Cleaning up your profile, for example, can be a simple and effective way to boost your earnings. You don’t want to make prospective clients feel that they have a lot of work to do when they visit your profile, and you can always ask them extra questions about their pet once they book you.

You can earn tips from clients on Rover if they choose to give you a cash tip after the booking.  Tipping is more likely to occur in an area that has a strong positive attitude towards tipping, although you can encourage clients to tip by leaving a tip jar or stating that tips are welcome.

Rover Support

If you have an issue with a dog or a client on Rover, you can easily access round-the-clock support from the company. Rover is excellent at supporting dog sitters and walkers and handles a lot of situations on a daily basis. They have friendly, expert call centre staff who can help you out with any issues that you might have with a dog or its owner such as a dog getting sick, injured, or escaping. Just get in touch with the support team who can help you with solutions, answers, and suggestions to rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

What is Rover Now?

Rover Now is similar to Rover, but for clients who want somebody to visit or walk their dog right now. If you are free a lot of the time, you can set up a profile with Rover Now to take dogs on half-hour walks or do drop-in visits straight away when you are booked. Currently, you can only get Rover Now in a handful of major cities.

How Much Does a Rover Dog Walker Make?

With so many people who love dogs and want to help look after them for money, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of competition on Rover. To make money using this service it’s important to have a profile that is set apart from the rest. One of the biggest mistakes that dog walkers and dog sitters make on Rover is failing to spend the time to set up a good profile. 

How to Make a Good Rover Profile

It’s important to make sure that your profile is appealing to clients and grabs attention. However, there are plenty of small mistakes that could stand in the way of this. Some of the most common errors include spelling and grammar mistakes, bad-quality photos, and too much information in the profile.

Keep your profile short and sweet – nobody wants to have to read your entire life story before they decide whether or not they would like you to look after their dog.

How Much Money Can I Make on Rover?

Coming up with competitive prices is also important to stand out and make more from Rover. Pricing mistakes are often common on Rover. Many dog sitters and dog walkers just think about how much they would like to make and then set their pricing, without considering the competition in their area or how much their potential clients will be willing to pay.

When setting your prices, it is important to consider both of these factors to help you get more requests. While this might mean offering your services for a little less, you are more likely to actually get bookings.

Increase Your Rover Pay by Investing in Marketing

Spending some time investing in learning more about successful marketing is going to be essential if you want to make money from Rover. Many people who sign up for Rover do it because they love the idea of working with dogs but don’t really know how to market their services to get more clients.

While it’s important to invest in learning more about dogs so that you can become a better dog sitter or dog walker, it’s also crucial to know how to reach out to more potential clients with your business and get more Rover bookings. The good news is that you can now find courses that are designed to help dog walkers and dog sitters learn more about mastering Rover and getting better results.

If you love dogs, then Rover is a great app for making some money and spending some time with your favourite animal too. You can sign up to Rover as a dog sitter, dog walker, or offer both along with other services like doggy day care and house sitting. Since dogs are popular and everybody wants to work with them, competition is high, so it’s important to put in the time to make your profile stand out.