Studying is hard work itself – when you add a part-time job to being a full-time student, chances are you’re going to be a very busy individual! Whether you need to work to pay the bills or you’re just looking for an extra job to save up for a trip or a concert ticket, balancing school life with a job is not easy. You need to figure out your schedule, plan your shifts, maybe sometimes you have to say no to hanging out with your friends because you have a deadline. It can get very stressful sometimes!

Part-time jobs
How to balance studying and working part-time?

That’s why we have some tips and tricks that will keep your wallet and YOU happy!

1. Find a flexible job.

That’s one of the biggest advantages of working with app-based jobs – all the job offers our there are VERY FLEXIBLE! You don’t need to worry about getting in trouble with your manager for requesting some time off to study for an exam. When working with AppJobs, you are your boss. You decide when and where you want to work.

Having a busy week at school? Maybe you can squeeze in a few TaskRabbit shifts on the weekend!

2. Stay organized

To stay organized is crucial when balancing work and studying – you can use your smartphone to keep track of all your shifts, your Google calendar to mark all the most essential dates at university – exams and deadlines. Or just use an old-school paper notebook or a bullet journal – whatever works best for you and helps you keep track of deadlines both at school and at work. You probably don’t want to miss an essential lecture at university or double-book shifts from two different AppJobs!

3. Multitasking is not always a good thing

Are you thinking about work while you’re at school or thinking about school while you’re working? Either way, it’s not right! Try to minimize the distractions and focus on one thing at a time. It will be much more comfortable and much efficient. You can come up with a to-do list for each day or week and have clear goals. Once you complete one task, you can move on to the other. Commit not to check your social media or your phone while you’re studying so you can finish faster and then relax or pick up a hospitality gig with Rota!

Part-time jobs
Be organized and keep track of your deadlines

4. Carefully plan your schedule

Mark upcoming work and academic deadlines on a single calendar. Make sure to plan some time for studying before an exam or working on a paper – if it helps, mark that in your calendar as well to make sure you don’t pick up some extra shifts at the last minute. Always account for the time you need to travel from work to school and the other way around. So your lecture ends at 13:15 but does that mean that you can be at work at 13:30? Make sure you know the bus or train schedule, or you have your bike as a reliable mean of transport and plan accordingly.

5. Avoid time-wasters

Do you have a long commute to school? Maybe you can do some reading on the way or work on your homework. That way, you’re all free to pick up an extra shift in the afternoon! Try to maximize the time you have – if you’re working as a freelancer with Fiverr maybe there are some projects that you can complete in the early morning or evening? Perhaps you can even work on the train heading to school or when you have a break between classes? Make the most out of that commute or your break!

Part-time jobs
Maximize your time!

6. Don’t forget to relax!

It’s important sometimes to relax. It is hard especially when you’re studying and working part-time because often, the only time during the week when you can pick up extra shifts and make more money is on the weekends. Try to plan at least one day or one evening that you can spend enjoying your hobbies or be hanging out with friends. Taking time to rest is EXTREMELY important – you need to chill and charge your batteries before another busy week!

So, do you feel prepared to take on another challenge?

Find a student job!