Are you a person who finds hitchhiking adventurous and would do it every day? If the answer is yes, you’re destined to do carpooling!

As an avid hitchhiker you probably know the drill, and are aware of the fact that sometimes it can take hours to get a ride. Therefore, spontaneity is a dangerous game to play when going to work or running important errands. Carpooling, on the other hand, might be just perfect for you and your needs!

how to be carpool driver

If you’re a frequent driver, whether it’s just going to work every day, driving around town running errands or taking small business trips – why not make some extra money while doing it? Just think about it – you are traveling anyway so why not have an extra passenger make your trip more fun AND get paid for it? On top of being a very eco-friendly option, carpooling is a great way to get some money to cover the cost of your trip and car maintenance. That’s especially great if you travel a lot by car!

Thanks to all the carpooling and ride-sharing apps available nowadays, there are lots of options both for the driver and the passenger to make the whole process as easy and as safe as possible! Trust us, modern carpooling is nothing like hitchhiking! There are many apps out there like GoCarShare, and LiftShare. All of them make it really easy for the driver and the passenger to connect and hop on a ride together! Of course, it’s completely safe too! The drivers and the passengers are typically verified through the app, so no need to worry about some strange person getting into your car.

how to be carpool driver

So, are you ready to go on a new journey and start carpooling AND making some extra money? We bet that you don’t want to be just another carpool driver in town. You want to be the best and the coolest one! Here are 5 TIPS on how to achieve that!

1. Be Flexible

This may sound obvious but being flexible is key when you’re sharing a ride with others. If you’re used to traveling by yourself, you can obviously leave the house whenever you like or make a quick stop at a gas station if you need a break. However, when traveling with others, you need to be flexible. Do you have a passenger that really wants to share the ride but they are running 10 minutes late? If it doesn’t affect your schedule, why not? Do your best and make sure both you and your new ride-sharing friend are happy!

Handling all kinds of situations can in fact land you at the top of the game. You’ll be perceived as an open-minded, solution-oriented and easy-going driver with whom it’s always a pleasure to share a ride.

2. Make It Fun

Even if you don’t watch TV and/or vigorously against American late night TV, you most likely to have heard of James Corden’s carpool karaoke and how much fun James and his guests have. Of course, you don’t need to turn every ride into a party. After all, not everyone is in the mood for karaoke when going to work early in the morning.

It’s all about creativity and personality traits! You will see shortly after your passenger gets in the car whether they’re in the mood for small talk or if they prefer listening to the radio. In the end, you want the ride to be fun for both you and your passengers – you want them to arrive at their destination happy and eager to write you a fabulous review! So, if you notice that someone is glued to their smartphone or doesn’t seem up for a chat – just don’t bother them, ask about their music preferences and keep your eyes on the road!

3. Prepare Refreshments

Besides fun, think also about your passengers’ well-being! You can definitely earn some bonus points if you have a few extra water bottles in the car or even some snacks. Especially if you have a long journey ahead, you probably don’t want to waste time stopping at every gas station or diner on the way. If you’re planning a really long trip, it may be a good idea to get in touch with your passenger beforehand to see if they want to bring some snacks on the road or if you’ll want to make a stop for lunch somewhere. Communication is always important!

how to be carpool driver

4. Think about Safety

Let’s not forget about some of the key details. Most importantly, drive a car that visits a service frequently and has insurance. Check your car every time you’re about to take it for a long drive. Think also about the number of passengers whom you can take with you! Is it comfortable to have four or only three? Before picking up your passengers you might want to also check if they’re traveling with any luggage – make sure there is enough space for everything and everyone. We probably don’t need to remind you that comfort is the most important thing!

5. Ask for Feedback

To see whether you’re on the right track, ask for feedback regularly. Getting good reviews on the platform that you work with is the first step to getting more and more passengers and becoming a 5-star carpool driver. If you’ve had a really fun and pleasant journey with someone, make sure to remind them to leave a rating or a review on your profile and they will probably be happy to do so. You can also ask them for more detailed feedback while you’re traveling.

Our final advice? Be safe and enjoy the ride!