In Sweden there are 100,000s of cars parked on average 23 hours a day. You can probably see them near your house or when you’re heading to the bus stop.
Perhaps you yourself own a car very similar to these, and usually find yourself taking the train to work?

If so, why not take the opportunity to rent your car to SnappCar users in your city for comfortable boost to your wallet?

The sharing economy provides you with so many options to make driving more sustainable – you can hire a car and driver (or be one!) with Lyft, you can share a ride with someone going your way with ViaVan, but I bet you haven’t thought about renting your car with SnappCar!

Work with SnappCar!

SnappCar simply connects car owners and people in need of a car. With their ambitious goal of 1% fewer cars in Europe by 2020, SnappCar is now also conquering Sweden with car sharing. And the users are loving it!
“Someone can enjoy my Renault Kangoo if I’m not using it. Moreover, it is good for the car that he is driven” says Ans, who has had her car on SnappCar for three years now.

Are you still wondering why you should use SnappCar? There are FIVE very good reasons!

It’s a hassle-free way to have an extra income

The only requirement: you need to own a car. Sign up for SnappCar in a few easy steps and you can rent it out during a time when you don’t need it and make money. Maybe you’re going on a trip or you just don’t need your car on a daily basis when you’re at work? You could be on a vacation, sipping cocktails at the beach and you’ll get money right into your bank account with no effort!

Work with SnappCar!

You make the rules

You choose how much you want to charge for the car hire and how often do you want to rent it out. If you feel unsure about setting a price, SnappCar’s price calculator is there to assist you. By filling in your registration number you can easily find out what you can earn. You can choose to rent your car for a weekend when you’re on a family vacation or during the week when you take the train to work – it’s all up to you!

It’s an eco-friendly, sustainable solution

By renting with SnappCar you’re supporting their mission of reducing carbon emission by reducing the number of cars on the roads. So not only you’re doing something good for your wallet – but also the planet! SnappCar’s mission is reducing the number of cars on the roads in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Not to mention- you’d be driving our society into a more conscious economy.

Work with SnappCar!

It’s easy and totally safe – trust us!

By joining SnappCar, you will become part of a safe community, in which car sharing is secure and profitable. All cars are automatically insured so you don’t need to worry about anything.

SnappCar is actually 30-50% cheaper than a typical car rental!

While you’re making extra money with no effort, those looking to hire are saving money with SnappCar – it’s a win-win!