The reasons why people may need a part-time job can vary. As always, internal and external factors play a major role in making decisions in our lives. Think about it!

What would prompt you to sign up for another job?

By examining your needs and talking to other people, a few reasons can be perfectly identified:

  • Students who want to support themselves while studying full or part-time.
  • Recent graduates looking for their dream job who need some experience and easy money.
  • Full-time workers who want to change their careers and/or need extra money.
  • Retired people who want to supplement their pensions and/or wish to remain in the labour market.
  • Parents with young children who are planning their return or prefer to stay in the game while at home caring for their children.
  • Unemployed people who expect to be able to get back to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Without a full-time job, recently relocated expats who want to earn a salary by doing part-time work.
  • And the list could go on and on.

We’re sure you have some good and relevant ideas. But for now, we aim to talk about the most promising part-time jobs for 2019.

1.  Home and Pet Care

By house-sitting, you can certainly maximize your earnings and forget about rental fees. Sometimes housesitters earn even more by pet-sitting in a sunny or cloudy corner of the continent. (Changing your accommodation in the city on a frequent basis can also be an option).

Pet sitting can give you and many others the ability to create a flexible schedule. Traditionally, these types of part- time jobs are accessible to both more and less experienced animal lovers. WithRover, if you have a certificate it can increase your chances of finding clients more quickly. No matter where you are in your professional or private life, doing part-time pet sitting jobs can help pave the way to opening your own pet sitting facility in the near future.

2.  Freelance Online

Don’t you like to get up early, go to the office and stand in front of the screen for minutes while you wait for the caffeine kick in? We hear you, that’s why we want to point out that freelancing can be beneficial for your body and mind. Looking for and accepting easy jobs on Porch or selling your marketing services on TheONE could be your (beneficial) way to do what you want whenever and wherever you want. You can create a good impression with a detailed but concrete profile (mentioning skills, rates, languages you speak, previous experience, etc.) – on any platform. Flexibility and freedom are guaranteed.

3.  Recharge Scooters

Our society is constantly on alert about the consequences of climate change and companies that are promoting the use of electric scooters are here to perform. And someone has to pick up and charge their fast vehicles overnight. We once saw a person carry three scooters at once! We couldn’t believe his creativity and stamina. It’s

true that you have that attitude too. As a scooter loader, you don’t have to quit your full-time job or skip any classes. You’ll take command of your schedule and earn extra cash in an instant by plugging in and charging a few of these vehicles.

4.  Delivery driver

Some predictions have also been made regarding flexible delivery jobs. In the future there will be a

increased food ordering through a tweet or a virtual assistant, a TV or with your eyes.