Whether you are an experienced tutor or you’re just starting out, the goal for a first lesson is always the same – you want to leave a great impression on the student and hopefully, book more lessons in the future. Maybe you have some experience as a teacher or an academic background or you are just starting out as a private tutor? We have 4 tips to follow to succeed on your new career path!

tips for private tutors

Being a private tutor is also a great way to make extra money while enjoying a flexible schedule. You might be picking up some lessons in the afternoon or on the weekends – but everything is totally up to you! However, the flexibility of the job comes with great responsibility as well. You need to perfect your organization and time management skills, make sure to keep track of the dates and deadlines.

1. Preparation is key

Of course, if you will be teaching a subject, you should know everything about it like the back of your hand. You should also have a plan for the lesson depending on the student’s needs. Are going to start working as math tutor? Find out what level your student is at – are they struggling with the basics or just need some extra help before an exam? Will you be teaching on a beginner, intermediate or advanced level? You should determine that in the very beginning and plan your lesson accordingly.

Did you know that with Udemy you can teach any subject you have expertise in? From math to programming. Tip: Keep in mind that you will need at least 30 minutes of content and that your course must have 60% video content in order for you to become an approved instructor.

tips for private tutors

2. Be tech-savvy

This may sound obvious but if you will be working as a tutor online – and let’s be honest, in this day and age, that’s probably the case – you should be tech-savvy. You will, of course, need a reliable computer and a stable Internet connection.Being familiar with online working tools and MS Office is a must! Depending on the subject you teach you will most likely need to share some reading materials, presentations and more with your students.

3. Create the right environment

In the digital era, working with app-based tutor jobs, you will most likely be teaching online. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to think about creating a great environment for studying. If you’re working from home, turn the TV off and let your family or roommates know that they shouldn’t disturb you for the next hour or so. If you have a dog, maybe mention to the student that they might hear a bark every now and then – it will make for good small talk too when you’re just starting out.

Try your best to make the student feel comfortable – even if you’re meeting in an online classroom. An online classroom offers you the opportunity to teach 24/7 with Lingoda, Perhaps you are a night owl and your productivity and creativity work best during the early day hours.

tips for private tutors

4. Make it interesting and fun!

Working as a private tutor is quite different than being a full-time teacher. Whether you work with college students, young professionals or high school students – they are all signing up for this voluntarily, in their free time, maybe after class or after work, and spending their own money to improve their skills. So it seems that they’re already motivated to learn. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not try hard to make the lessons engaging and fun! Try to find out a bit about your students, get to know them better, see how they prefer to learn. Are they keen on taking quizzes or do they prefer a more relaxed environment?

Remember, the apps will help you take care of everything, from finding students to processing the payments. But you still are responsible for creating your own business and make money every day you teach!. Do you feel ready to try this new challenge? Check all the teaching opportunities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.