About 1 million people work as freelance employees in the United States. In fact, the on-demand method of work is attracting more and more workers, especially in the delivery and driving sectors. But why are these jobs so popular and why do they pay more than you think?

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  1. High demand: People want what they want now.
    The boom in customer demand is also creating a boom in flexible jobs, in particular in the
    deliveries. In fact, people have become so accustomed to having their food, products and various services delivered to their homes that more and more on-demand workers are needed. Postmates, for example, increased its workforce by 150,000 couriers in the United States. earnings, according to a recent economic impact port , the company indicated that its couriers are earning on average about $18.32/hour. This is a higher number than the best minimum wage rates in the U.S., such as in Washington DC ($11.5/hour) and the District of Columbia ($12.5/hour).

Plus, UberEATS boasts 300,000 delivery drivers worldwide – and those numbers keep growing! As delivery companies continue to compete for more part-time workers, it’s your time to get on the playing field and start making money!

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  1. A flexible schedule allows you to earn more money
    Working your own hours allows you to combine more part-time jobs and earn more money. You can
    work with Uber, or Lyft during the morning and evening rush hours when people are going to and from work, and also work with DoorDash at lunchtime when everyone wants their lunch.

without having to move. This way you will have the maximum amount of income that both jobs can offer you. Customize your workday with different tasks!

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  1. Sharing economy is the future
    The sharing economy as a whole has been growing steadily over the past few years.
    AppJobs is proof of this! In figures, AppJobs brings together more than 500 companies to work with in more than 100 cities around the world.

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