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The #YouCanCare week, between 25 February and 3 March this year, is held every year to raise awareness of how rewarding a caring role is. And this awareness is of great significance as we live in an ageing society with

More and more people nowadays use an app to order a taxi instead of waiting for one to pass by on the street, so if you're thinking of starting driving with an app in UK as a part-time or full-time

Are you out of work or stuck in a job you hate and need a new job fast? Being unemployed can be tough, but so is having a job you can't stand going to every day. Let us give you

Are you a business owner or freelancer who needs some help with your entrepreneurial tasks? Do you go the extra mile and have to follow a strict budget? Fiverr is your solution: one of the biggest platforms for digital services,

It's 2021 and the way people look for jobs has changed a lot since people used to buy the daily newspaper to look for jobs in the area. The advancement of technology has not only changed the job market, making

Eighteen is a long-awaited moment: it's the age when you become an adult. This means that your parents will no longer be responsible for any of your actions. You can make your own decisions - you can even get married

Is it winter where you live? If so, you're probably watching this under a soft blanket on your sofa, sipping a hot cup of tea and counting down the days until spring arrives. Or maybe you're one of those hardier

Interest in distance learning is on the rise and all over the world. People go on the Internet for everything, and their education also follows this trend. It is also a consequence of the movement of people and globalization: it

The term 'digital nomad', once treated as something of a mystery, has shed all secrecy and become fashionable. Small, artsy coffee shops selling lattes on the go and co-working offices located all over the world house these individuals who want

Every year thousands of people decide to move to other countries for work, love, or fun. Sometimes they choose another continent to experience other cultures, but many decide to play a safer card and stay in a region that resembles