Moms are incredible.

Every mom in her normal day juggles jobs that, if they were paid for, would be considered multiple different careers. All at once. Every single day. That means that every mom, even if she doesn’t have a degree or a professional experience, is qualified for plenty of different jobs thanks to her mom skills, Maybe even without realising it.

Did you know how much you could earn with your day-to-day mother’s jobs? Think about it! If you do shopping for 1 hour ($22), cleaning for 2 hours ($60), driving for 2 hours ($58) and cook six plates of food ($60). Besides housekeeping tasks, you are a teacher (about $30 per hour), a 24/7 pet sitter ($90) and a babysitter ($240)? We would come to about $560 as a daily salary. And that’s just for the mentioned tasks, many moms do even more than that. And since there are no days off, that would be about $204k a year!

The truth is, moms were never doing it for the money. But, that doesn’t change the fact that there are many jobs out there that moms could be doing to earn some extra money using their skills, which many moms already successfully do. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s a good time to discuss some ideas for legitimate jobs for stay at home moms, that most moms are probably already doing every day anyway.

Legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

1. Taking care of and always keeping an eye on their children

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

That’s something you do 24/7, even when you sleep. Mom’s responsibilities go way beyond the responsibilities of a babysitter – and that means that an average mom has all the experience she needs and more to rock as a babysitter. Helping with homework? You got this. Handling a tantrum? You got this. Handling basically every other situation that comes up? You got this!

Babysitter with earns about $10 per hour. The great news is that babysitting jobs are available basically everywhere. If you’re in the US, take a look at babysitter job offers in Baltimore, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix or Miami. For Canada, check out the offers in Montréal, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto or Calgary.
For anywhere else in the world check out AppJobs website, type in the name of your city and find babysitting close to you today!

2. Driving your children around

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

From daycare to grandparents, from football practice to a ballet lesson… You probably know the city like the back of your hand at this point. You’re already doing all the driving, why not start making money off it too? Did you know that a Lyft driver is making about $28 per hour? Think about how much would that be if you were paid for the driving you do for your family!

If you’re in the US then Lyft could be a great option for you. It’s available in many cities across the US, including Atlanta, Tampa, Portland, Indianapolis, Nashville and many more!

If you’re in Canada, check Lyft in Toronto and Ottawa. If you’re in Europe, you should check out Bolt and ViaVan. Driving jobs are available almost anywhere, so make sure to check for driving jobs in your city!

3. Drive&Care – Combining the first two

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

Let’s be fair – mothers do it all. If you’re interested in jobs combining driving with babysitting (after all, motherhood is all about multitasking, isn’t it?), then with Zum you could be making about $750 per week. Not bad for something you’re already good at, right? Check out Zum in San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose and Los Angeles.

4. Making sure your fridge is well stocked

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

As a mother, you probably know the layouts (and secret passages!) of your nearby grocery shops by heart. The shopping that would take an average person an hour, you can probably do in half that time and end up with a better quality product, too. Something you should know is that those skills are well valued! If you’re looking for a legitimate job as a stay at home mom, combining your daily responsibilities with doing shopping trips for other families, could be just the thing for you! Shoppers working with Shipt are making about $22 for every shopping trip they make.

Shipt is available in many cities across the US, including Indianapolis, Atlanta, Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis and many others. If that sounds good to you and you live in the US, make sure to check out if Shipt is available in your city!

5. Preparing three meals per day, catering parties and having snacks for all the time in between

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

You might not have a professional cooking training, but you have plenty of practice in cooking for the toughest audience in the world. With many kids being pickier than the toughest food critics, you probably have already mastered the art of balancing food that your kids will love with some veggies and healthy foods hidden in between. If you like cooking, there are plenty of app jobs related to home cooking that are perfect for stay-at-home moms! Depending on an offer you choose, you’d be earning at least $10 per each plate you prepare.

You might be interested in home chef offers with Meal Sharing, EatWith, BonAppetour or Mamaz Social Food that are available in cities across the US. For Australia, you can choose between Mamaz Social Food, Meal Sharing and Food By Us. If you’re in Europe, you’ll have many options: Mamaz Social Food, EatWith, Meal Sharing, Bon Appetour and Withlocals are available in United Kingdom, Germany, France and many other countries!. Visit Appjobs, type in your city and choose the category Home Cooking to find more relevant job offers for you!

6. Socks-picker, dishes-hero and overall house-saver

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

Housekeeping is often underestimated – cleaning and housekeeping jobs are sometimes looked down on, but yet are so essential both to households and businesses all around the world! You’re not convinced? Try a small test: stop cleaning your house for a week and see what happens!
Being a superhero that a mom is, moms are often well trained when it comes to cleaning and housekeeping, with no stain being able to defeat them. Undertaking a cleaning job can be a very easy, legitimate side job for a stay at home mom, with jobs in the US paying up to $150 per day.

If you’re in the US or Canada, you could join Housekeeper which is available in many cities in North America – Ottawa, Seattle, Boston and Las Vegas to name a few. For moms in the UK, check Taskrabbit cleaner, available in Glasgow, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

7. Feeding and walking the four-legged family members

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

Dogs, cats and many other pets are often bought for the kids, but in the end it’s usually the moms that do most of the caring. You’re probably not thinking about it, but if you own a pet you do as much pet-sitting per day as you do babysitting! Pet-sitting could be is another side job that moms can easily incorporate into their day. It’s a well-paid job, too – pet sitters can be making about $90 every day!

If you’re in the US or Canada, you can start with PetSitter. It’s an option for you if you live in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and Cleveland, just to name a few cities. If the your city hasn’t been mentioned, don’t worry, pet sitting jobs are widely available, so choose your city and make your pick.

8. Teaching your children new skills every day

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

After kids are back from school, many moms become at-home substitute teachers. Having assisted with homework and helping to crack last-minute school projects many moms acquire the patience needed to become an excellent teacher without even noticing it. Sharing your knowledge with others can earn you anywhere from $5 to $50 per day!

If you don’t have a teaching degree, don’t worry – there are many ways to start earning money through teaching others that don’t require that experience. If you live in the UK, check out CareToShare, a service where anyone can offer advice or help with a task that someone else is struggling with in almost every domain possible. Not just related to school subjects. Available in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London.

9. Being there to document every important moment

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

Documenting your child’s every achievement and milestone with a picture (or many, many pictures) is a hobby shared by many mothers all around the world. If you’re one of them and photography is your thing, check out offers like Byrd and Fotolia. Photographers with companies like Byrd and Fotolia earn about $5 per each photo they sell.

Job offers with Byrd are available for moms all over the world. Check out offers in Melbourne, Berlin, Paris or Vancouver to name a few. If you’re in the US, then Fotolia is also an option to consider, available in cities like Philadelphia, El Paso, Albuquerque and many more. If you’d like photography to be your side hustle, find a photography job in your town!

10. Last-minute costume making

legitimate jobs for stay at home moms

Coming up with how to style a little Elsa, little pirate and all other Halloween costumes your child request really teaches you creativity. If you do like creating outfits and styling other people, then a job with Stella&Dot might be perfect for you! With Stella&Dot, you’d be working as an online and offline stylist, and it’s a legitimate job that many stay at home moms are undertaking and excelling at. Moms with Stella&Dot are earning about $400 per month.

Stella&Dot is available in many cities across the US and Canada. Check out offers in Nashville, Long Beach, Jacksonville, <a href=“” title=Online freelance fashion stylist jobs in Montréal – Stella & Dot”>Montréal, or find a Stella&Dot job offer available in a city near you!

11. …and everything else in between

Jobs for stay at home moms

Is the party planning your thing? After all, think about all those Christmases, birthdays and Thanksgivings you’ve planned. If so, you might find party planning side jobs with Taskrabbit. Taskers with Taskrabbit are earning about £120 for every day they work! Available in Glasgow, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Paris and many other cities.

Are your kids older now and a lot of their things left unused and gathering dust? Then it’s worth thinking about renting them out. With FatLlama, you can rent out almost anything, making even up to £8000 per month! FatLlama is available in UK, including London, Glasgow, Bristol, and some other cities.

If you’re in the US, you might want to try your strengths in being a virtual personal assistant with Fancy Hands. That can include anything from making bookings, doing phone calls and performing small online job, each out of which gets you $5. Fancy Hands is available in dozens of cities across the US, including Boston, Miami, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Side jobs as a stay at home mom

For moms out there looking for extra jobs, you have plenty of skills that are valuable and give you many job options to choose from. So, if you’re looking for a legitimate job you could be doing as a stay-at-home mom, visit, browse countless job offers, and find the ones that suit you best!

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