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Massage therapist

Zeel massage therapist jobs in Austin, TX

Become a massage therapist in the Zeel network in Austin and have clients every day

75 USD per massage Not verified by AppJobs
What you need
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What is Zeel?

Earn what you are worth! Become a Wellness Professional with Zeel®. Massage Therapists on the Zeel® network earn good pay in Austin. Make more money, on your own schedule to work where you want, when you want. Choose from in-home, spa, corporate chair, and wellness events. Love to travel? Zeel is worldwide.

How much Zeel pays in Austin, TX

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Rating of compensation

As a massage therapist in the Zeel network in Austin, you earn up to $75 per massage per 60-minute massage. Your earnings are paid weekly.

Zeel requirements in Austin, TX

  • Zeel asks you to prove you have the following:
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Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Working with Zeel in Austin, TX

Zeel has 8,000 therapists in over 95 cities with thousands of clients! As a massage therapist in the Zeel network in Austin, you will gain access to massage requests all around the city and surrounding areas!

Zeel helps you to work as a massage therapist whenever you want. You also create your own plan and take time off whenever you feel like it. Flexibility is key!

Zeel makes connecting with your clients super simple. Sessions can be booked from a month ahead of time to an hour ahead of time.

By using GPS and Zeel’s app, you’ll be informed of relevant requests in your neighborhood. You are able to easily indicate your availability by signing in and out.

Most importantly, your customers are always registered with a legitimate credit card to be sure that working for Zeel is always safe for you as the massage therapist.

How do I apply for Zeel in Austin, TX?

Simply register on Zeel’s website now!

You are requested to fill in a short application, and the team will get touching you as soon as possible.

Skills/experience/other information

To become a massage therapist in the Zeel network, you must have a massage therapist certification with a license number and professional liability insurance.

Does Zeel have enough tasks to complete?

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You keep approximately 65-75% of the total cost of every Zeel massage that you give.

AppJobs members’ average fee rating for Zeel in Austin, TX

Employment type: part-time / weekend / flexible

Working hours: own schedule

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