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Help others become native English speakers!

Do you master a subject or a few? Do you enjoy teaching or tutoring people? Would you like to make some money monthly effortlessly? In case your answer is yes to all three questions, we invite you to take a look at the sites for online teaching jobs in Austin. The best part is that you’re not tied to a location so your students can sit hundreds of miles of away from you.

Austin Teaching

Be enthusiastic, design lessons and get paid!

Considering all aspects of teaching or tutoring, the bigger share of the work happens before the actual class takes place. The reason is quite mundane. All lessons must have a flow and cover certain areas of a subject that somewhat connected. Are you currently focusing on the Middle Ages or punctuation? That does not make a difference. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t scare you.

In case you’ve never planned a class before, you can look for online resources that help you with that. We bet it takes only a few clicks and not more!

When the outline of the class is clear, the second part of the job comes. You must share your knowledge in an easily understandable and clear way. Pay attention to your voice, and articulate! If your students watch a pre-recorded lesson, always play it before publishing it and see how you perform. If you teach live, you can ask for feedback right away.

Never think of this as a burden but as an important element of your job. Your clients will review you.

Based on the feedback, you can expand your clientele. And as a consequent of that, you can schedule more lessons according to your availability and make more money. Easy!

How much am I worth?

The pricing is a tough nut to crack. What we can tell you is to try to evaluate yourself objectively.

Think about your:

• skills
• qualifications
• experiences
• subjects

Be honest, it will pay off in the long term.

Some tips from us!

Whenever we say communication, we think of ourselves as a parrot. We keep repeating that in order for you to be able to market and sell your self in the gig economy, you must communicate with your future and potential clients effectively and respectively. ALL THE TIME! During both the early morning or late afternoon lessons of yours.

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