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Animal Care

PetBacker - animal care jobs in Austin, TX

Pet sit around Austin and make money

10-50 USD per job Not verified by AppJobs
What you need
Ready to go!

What is PetBacker?

Do you like being around animals, taking care of them and showing your endless love? Then PetBacker might be the perfect app for you! Join now and make money, while you are doing what you love in Austin!

It will take 1 minute!

Creating your profile is easy:

  1. Choose your services from a set menu: Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Groomer etc.

  2. Add pictures

  3. Describe your services

  4. Select locations you cover

Create your profile with PetBacker and show your love to adorable pets.

How much PetBacker pays in Austin, TX

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Rating of compensation

You could earn between $10 and $50 per task, depending on the services you offer.

Tips when setting your prices?

Take into account how much other people charge in Austin, the experience you have and the type of services you offer.

PetBacker requirements in Austin, TX

  • PetBacker asks you to prove you have the following:
  • PetBacker hasn’t provided any information

Does it take a long time to sign up?

No signup length added yet.How long was the signup process?

Ratings: the amount of time it took you to start the gig

Working with PetBacker in Austin, TX

Working with PetBacker is simply exciting! You can take advantage of all the support you can get!

• Easy booking system and possibility to chat directly with customers!
• No admin work for you!
• PetBacker will boost your business, by advertising your services for you!
• There is the possibility to get a training and certification as a pet sitter!
• Customer service is available to you when you need it!

You have many reasons to become a Backer in Austin.

How do I apply for PetBacker in Austin, TX?

Start by downloading the PetBacker app for free here.

You can then apply and it will take some time for PetBacker to process your application and activate your account. There might be a waiting list, If there are too many similar Backers in an area.

Skills/experience/other information

You can apply to become a backer in Austin as long as you have some experience with or knowledge about pets.

PetBacker requires that you follow your local laws and regulations regarding licensing and other requirements. Often, licensing regulations apply only to facilities that handle a high volume of dogs.

Does PetBacker have enough tasks to complete?

No task availability added yet.Were you happy with the number of tasks available for you to do?

Ratings: number of tasks to do


You end up with 80% of what you charge for a service.
PetBacker charges a fee of 20% to grow its business, so you can grow your business too!

AppJobs members’ average fee rating for PetBacker in Austin, TX

Employment type: part-time / weekend / flexible

Working hours: own schedule

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