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3 reasons to go freelance as a Massage therapist in Austin

Massage therapist jobs can be found in every saloon here and there - we know. Yet going freelance as a certified masseur offers some undeniable perks.

Working on your own is always better than having a boss.

massage jobs in austin


If you choose to work with platforms such as Zeel or Soothe, you are the one who decides his or her own schedule. No fixed 9 to 5 saloon jobs, be a therapist whenever you feel like it and whenever you want!

You can choose your clients depending on your schedule - s0 you only work whenever you are available!

2. Clients

You choose your clients! If you’re a woman only feel comfortable about massaging other women, why not?

You don’t have to accept clients you don’t want anymore!

More so, all the members are being verified before they request a massage session! So everything is safe!

3. Income

You earn so much more when going freelance! Up to $60 per massage!

Now imagine having only 5 clients a day. It’s crazy!

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