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9flats jobs in Austin, TX

Rent your apartment in Austin and earn some extra income

100 USD per day Not verified by AppJobs
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What is 9flats?

Renowned the world over for it’s culture and youthful spirit, Austin welcomes over 25 million annually!

Many of those coming to pay Austin a visit are increasingly choosing to forgo booking hotels, instead opting to live like locals in private apartments around the city,

So if you have the space over for it, be it a room or an empty apartment in Sunset Valley or East Austin…

…You could be renting it out on 9flats for good money today!

How much 9flats pays in Austin, TX

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Rating of compensation

You could make $100 per night on average in Austin if you can rent out your whole flat.

A couch would still bring in good money, though the nightly rate would be a bit lower.

9flats requirements in Austin, TX

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Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Make money with 9flats in Austin, TX

Rent your home wherever you live in Austin

Having a place to sleep in Austin is more profitable than ever!

Be it a couch, guest room, or a full apartment in downtown Austin, you could be earning good money renting that free space with 9flats!

Tell your guests about where

As a local, you probably know many of the ins and outs of your Austin district’s most compelling charms. So whether you live in Central Austin, or in a charming house in Pflugerville, why not share your favorite hidden gems of the area in the description on your 9flats profile?

The “Austin City Limits” Stage: World famous for it’s music scene, show your guests the best spots for music fans in Austin!

Austin Downtown

Don’t forget to point your guests towards the best bars and clubs around Downtown Austin, from Pete’s Duelling Piano Bar to the Continental and beyond!

If they are into music, be sure to tell of the many venues they shouldn’t miss!

Point your guests to the best bars and clubs around Downtown Austin

The best part is that you won’t have to deal with finding guests or receiving payments. Just wait for requests and confirm the ones that suit your schedule. All you have to do is greet the guests and exchange keys.

Start earning money today by accommodating people from around the world at your place in Austin!

How do I apply for 9flats in Austin, TX?

Sign up here and list your place!

Does 9flats have enough tasks to complete?

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