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Grow with your students in Atlanta!

Teaching is an art form. Whether it happens in a class, in a café, in a library or in the silence of your home. It’s also rewarding. Your students get to learn about math, history, geography, English and many more, while you get paid for your expertise and pedagogic skills.

What can we say? It’s a win-win in Atlanta.

Atlanta Teaching

Teach online and earn on your own terms in Atlanta!

Yes, that’s the premise of almost all app- or web-based teaching jobs in Atlanta. Of course, if you held your classes in a café near Five Points, that’s a possibility. Nonetheless, many passionate teachers enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with tutoring people online. You could indicate your availability, list your subjects and rates and even the number of students you prefer to work with at the same time.

How many hours should I devote to my students in Atlanta?

It’s up to you. But always check out the requirements on each platform you sign up for. We can imagine that sometimes a minimum number is required to offer. However, you could do teaching in Atlanta as an extra job. So you don’t have to resign from your office job. Plenty of job offers are available on AppJobs, so you’ll join the one(s) that suit your life.

It’s definitely not a crazy thought to work in Atlanta when you feel like it.

What about some advice?

The number one rule is to have a fast Internet connection. Get familiar with how to declare your taxes in Georgia and be acquainted with the percentage the platforms might take as a commission fee.

If you have been working as a teacher/tutor for many years, you are more likely to know the gist and all the tricks. If only want to give it a try, start with our blog posts:

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Abiane C.
Atlanta, GA
Wag! - Atlanta, GA
I enjoyed working with all my fur babies but I didn’t like the way wag treated their contractors when dealing with issues with rude customers. I feel like they focused more on keeping a paying customer than keeping a hard working and loyal contractor. They do not stand up for you and are quick to terminate you with no warning or reason. Anyone can call and make a false report and they would run with it.

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