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Here’s how you earn money by sharing your time with others in Amsterdam!

Care jobs provide the most rewarding ways to make a living. Especially with the rise of online platforms in the Netherlands, finding jobs in the care sector has never been this easy and accessible.

From caring for a pet via DogBuddy, to becoming a nanny or spending time with seniors through You can now turn any free hour into great money, by simply sharing your time with others.

The great thing is that you get to choose your own work. The variety of care jobs allows you to work with what you feel comfortable. Isn’t that great?

So the question is: can you see yourself walking a dog, picking up kids from school or playing games with elderlies in a nursing home?

Scrolling through the listings below will show you that care jobs go beyond senior care, but could also relate to being a nanny, a babysitter or a dog walker.

There is a variety of care jobs that you could do in Amsterdam. They often differ between:

• Children care
• Elderly care
• Special needs care
• Pet care

These online platforms allow you to sign up as a carer and provide access to a whole world of jobs and demands. Sign up to see where you can assist and how much you can earn! From spending a few hours a month for some extra cash, to becoming a professional caregiver. It is all possible!

You also don’t need to worry about being new to the Netherlands or not being fluent in Dutch yet. Most care jobs don’t have Dutch as a strict requirement. It is actually a great way of meeting new people and learning a new language!

Care jobs actually allow you to be social and interact with others, while working. Another plus side: no day or activity is the same! It is fun, profitable and also personally rewarding.

So, say goodbye to boring, lonely and repetitive jobs and start taking care of yourself and others.

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