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Challenge yourself and be a local Insider in Amsterdam!

Regardless of which part of Amsterdam you live in, you certainly know another face of town than your neighbor. Why? It’s simple. Human beings see things differently and focus on other aspects. Now you can turn your special way of looking at Amsterdam into profit and earn some money for your next trip to London, for instance.

Amsterdam Local Guiding

Design a tour or two or more!

The best part of being a local guide in Amsterdam is that you can create as many experiences as you want, and you do not need to have previous experience as a tour guide. Yes, that is true. In addition to that, you can decide on how often and when to organise your tours, how many people to guide, and how much money you want for your service. Everything is about flexibility and freedom with Vayable, for instance.

Keep in mind in Amsterdam!

When pondering on tours you want to realise in Amsterdam, you have to keep a few things in mind. Those should not be so long or if this is the idea, then you should think of basic human needs such as refreshment, access to toilets, etc. Also, if you plan to visit a museum or a venue where people need to pay, communicate this properly. You can include the additional cost in your prices or not. You decide!

In case you need some inspiration in Amsterdam!

People might tell you to think big, but you don’t have to do that. You must offer a unique experience, though. Try not to design a tour all the tour guides in town are doing.

Find some inspiration here and here!

Good luck in Amsterdam!

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