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Turning food into fortune. Here’s how you can become a paid chef with home-cooked meals in Amsterdam!

Within the city of Amsterdam, people love to share. Sharing is often more efficient, more economically and more fun. Anything can be shared: a bike, a car, a boat, a home, a drill, a lawn mower or even a pet. And the sharing doesn’t stop there.

Meal sharing is the next big thing in Amsterdam!

From food-rescue restaurants, to dinner with strangers, or sharing homemade leftovers. The Dutch people certainly love to eat and hate waste!

By signing up as a chef on one of these online platforms, you can get paid of cooking.

Is it really that simple? Yes!
From making friends and sharing stories, to simply earning money. Welcome in the new world of chef jobs. You get to choose when you work and how much time and effort you want to spend.

The great thing for anyone is that you don’t need to be a professional chef, in order to earn money with cooking. Simply share your love for food, by selling meals in your neighborhood.

Are you new to the Netherlands or not familiar to your neighborhood in Amsterdam?
Then this is also the perfect way to meet new people and share something of your own culture or taste!

The numerous online food sharing platforms, show the demand for chef jobs around the city of Amsterdam.

Meal Sharing or Thuisafgehaald.nl allow you to sell your homemade leftovers with hungry people nearby. Vegvisits is there for the healthy vegetarian and with VoulezVousDiner, your dinner table can be turned into an international and friendly feast. With AirDine you can even open your own restaurant!

Do you know what all these listings have in common? They value your time and allow you to be your own boss!

You choose when to cook, how much to cook and what to sell to others! All in the comfort of your own kitchen, where you get to decide what is today’s menu.

Have a look at the listings below and start working on what you love! Life is what you bake of it!

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