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Did you know that becoming a delivery driver is the new way of making great money in Amsterdam?

Delivery Jobs might have existed for a very long time already. But on-demand services and online platforms have completely changed this way of working! From being kind of old fashioned, delivery has now turned into one of the most hip and popular jobs.

It is not that hard to imagine why.

With the help of on-demand apps and GPS, delivering jobs are becoming easier and actually more fun.

The best thing is:
You actually get to decide when and how much you want to work. As a rider or a driver for such platforms, you get a great hourly pay and you keep control over your free time.

Do you own a bike? Then it becomes even easier to become a delivery driver in Amsterdam. The city is a biking-valhalla! It could even turn your job into a fun workout.

Delivering jobs are of course known in a great variety. From delivery mail, to dropping off someone’s laptop charger, to making sure that those hamburgers or the sushi make it in time for a dinner party.

Food delivery services are actually rapidly growing in Amsterdam. They connect people with their favourite restaurants and turn take out food into a hassle-free experience. Ordering food on-demand has become an integral part of people’s life! From UberEATS to Foodora and Deliveroo.

Imagine being part of this trends, while earning great money. No matter if you are a local or new to the city or the Netherlands. The only things you need is a smartphone and a mode of transportation, like a bike, a scooter or a car.

All these listings below prove that delivery jobs are fun, abundant and actually pay well.

No wonder so many people are discovering this way of working.
They get paid a fair salary, while always having control over their freedom and working hours.

Now, you get to be part of it!

Simply scroll through the list of delivery jobs and navigate to the platform your find interesting. Sign up as rider or driver and easily find jobs near you!

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